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George Burgess
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Victorian Poetry

And Short Stories

George Burgess had a great love of poetry, and writings; not only did he collect poems and short stories from newspapers and stick them into his scrapbook but he also took a great delight in copying them 'in his own hand-writing'. Below is a sample of several Victorian Poems and other short stories he hand-wrote onto his own personalised paper, copying them from the newspaper publications he kept and stuck into his scrapbook.

Some of the articles and their authors have been identified, and where available a transcript of the newspaper article they came from can also be viewed.

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Transcript (where available) on the Scrapbook of Victorian newspaper articles kept by George Burgess

The girls we love the best
S. W. Hazeltd Poetry 1
The friendly hand


Transcript of poem at bottom of page one below 1
Hope for the best
Astley H Baldwin Poetry 2
Good Advice
Poetry 3-4
Pen Drops
L.F.I. Victorian Culture 4
The Sympathizing Woman
Victorian Culture 5-6

The Girls we love the best
The Friendly Hand

Hope for the best

Good Advice

Good Advice and
Pen Drops

The Sympathising Woman

The Sympathising Woman