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George Burgess
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The Captain's Pudding

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Transcript from original newspaper article: -

The Captain's PuddingTHE CAPTAIN’S PUDDING – The following story is that of a Yankee captain and his mate: - Whenever there was a plum-pudding made, by the captain’s orders, first the plums were put into one end of it, and that end placed next to the captain, who, after helping himself, passed it to the mate, who never found any plums in that part of it. After this game had been played for some time, the mate prevailed on the steward to place the end which had no plums in it next to the captain. The captain no sooner perceived that the pudding had the wrong end turned towards him, then picking up the dish, and turning it round, as if to examine the china, he said, “This dish cost me two shillings in Liverpool” and put it down, as if without design, with the plum end next to himself. “is it possible? Said the mate, taking up the dish. “I shouldn’t suppose it was worth more than a shilling.” And, as if in perfect innocence, he put down the dish with the plums next to himself. The captain looked at the mate; the mate looked at the captain. The captain laughed; the mate laughed. – “I’ll tell you what, young one,” said the captain, “you’ve found me out; so we will just cut the pudding length wise this time, and have the plums fairly distributed hereafter.”