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Dark Hours

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Transcript from original newspaper article: -

Dark Hours (orginial newspaper article)


Dark HoursWe are all of us called upon to pass through trials and disappointments. We all of us know the meanings of sorrow. We have all us experience disappointments and regrets. We have seen those we deemed friends constant and true, turn from us, and with mocking words on their lips throw our friendship back in our faces. We have seen the sunlight of prosperity dimmed by our misfortune. But we have also known joys, and experienced pleasures. We know there are true heroism in this beautiful world of ours. We know that, should the clouds overcast the sky to-day, the sun will shine tomorrow.

“Man is born a hero; and it is only in darkness of storms that heroism gains its greatest and its best developments, and the storms bear it on rapidly to its formation.”

Do not let us despair, then; but let us cherish this and with cheerful perseverance push on towards the goal of success. We cannot hope to win any prize, no matter how small, without surmounting obstacles and overcoming difficulties.

Dark hours must come to all; but they cannot always last. The light will come again – the sun will shine through the clouds, and joy will take the place of sadness if we only cherish hope – if we do not give up in despair nor cease to struggle on.