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Victorian Era
George Burgess
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A Victorian Scrapbook

A Scrapbook of Newspaper Articles Compiled by George Burgess (1829-1905)

Victorian Culture and Life

Be Frank and Determined

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Transcript from original newspaper article: -

Be Frank and Determined


Be Frank and DeterminedNever affect to be other than what you are – either richer, or wiser, or braver. Learn to say, “I do not know,” and “I cannot afford it,” with most sonorous distinctness and emphasis. Men will then believe you, when you say “I do know,” and “I can afford it.” Never be ashamed to pass for just what you really are, and try to be as worthy as possible. Once established yourself and your mode of life as what they truly are, and you are on solid ground. A man in already on consequence in the world, when it is know that we can implicitly reply on him – that when he says he knows a thing, he knows it; and when he says he will do a thing, he will do it. Such a reputation will give a man more real enjoyment, and is of far greater value to him, than all the results which display and pretension can compass.