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Transcript from original newspaper article: -

Interesting Statistics from mid 19th CenturyTALL men live longer than short ones.

The number of languages spoken in the world amounts to 3,064.

The inhabitants of the globe profess more than 1,000 different religions.

Women have more chance of life in their favour previous to being fifty years of age than men, but fewer afterwards.

The number of men is about equal to the number of women.

The number of marriages is in proportion of 75 to every 100 individuals.

The married are longer lived than the single, and, above all, those who observe a sober and industrious conduct.

Of every 1,000 persons, only one reaches 100 years of life; of every 100, only six reach the age of 65; and not more than one in 500 lives to 80 years of age.

The average of human life is about 33 years. One quarter die previous to the age of seven years; one half before reaching seventeen; and those who pass that age enjoy a felicity refused to one half the human species.

London contains 250 more souls to-day than it did yesterday. To-morrow it will contain 250 more than it does to-day. A town as large as Brighton is added to London every year, a city as vast as Manchester every four years.

There are on the whole earth 1,000,000,000 inhabitants, and of these 33.333.333 die every year; 91,823 every day; 3.730 every hour; and 60 every minute, or one every second. These losses are about balanced by an equal number of births.

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