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Victorian Era
George Burgess
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A Victorian Scrapbook

A Scrapbook of Newspaper Articles Compiled by George Burgess (1829-1905)

Victorian Poetry

Good Company

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Transcript from original newspaper article: -


When I sit by myself at the close of the day,
And watch the blue twilight turn amber and gray, -
With fancies as twinkling and vague as the stars,
And as distant as they from this life’s petty jars, -
I know not, I think not, where Fortune may be,
But I feel I’m in very good company.

When I sit with a friend at the glow of my hearth,
To fight some great battle of wisdom or mirth,
And strike from our armour the sparkles of wit
That follow the shafts of our thought when they hit, -
I ask not, I care not, where Pleasure may be,
But I know I’m in excellent company.

When I sit with my darling, who loves me so well,
And read in her eyes what no language can tell,
Or trace on her lips – free as cherubs from guile –
The meanings and mysteries hid in a smile, -
I heed not, I dream not, where Eden may be,
But I feel I ‘m in heavenly company.

Good Company