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A Victorian Scrapbook

Samples of Original Victorian Era Newspapers - These and others have been transcribed on Nathanville

A Victorian Scrapbook of Newspaper Articles by George Burgess (1829-1905)

Diary and scrapbook by George BurgessThe thumbnails below give access to most of the original newspapers. The scrapbook of George Burgess covering most of his working life from the late 1840's to the 1900's contains Victorian era newspaper articles (most undated, but a few have been dated). The articles are mostly from American newspapers between 1845 and 1857 while George Burgess was in America and British newspapers from 1857 to about 1901. All the newspaper articles have been transcribed and can be read via the Alphabetical / Categories links below.

Original Victorian Newspaper Articles (samples with thumbnails):
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Transcribed copies (Index & Contents) - Alphabetical and Categories Lists

The Lord's Prayer

The Managing Housewife

The moon

The Necessity of Recreation

The Old Maid

The Pauper's Burial

The Poor Man's Hymn

The Power of a Wife

The Reflections of a Good Man

The Rich and Poor

The Rival Doctors

The Soul

The Spreading of a Report

The Sweet uses of Adversity

The Three Duties

The True Woman - Charles Dickens

The Type of Humanity

The use of Tears

The Vanity of Dress

The Widower's Dream

The Wife

The World Contains Warm Hearts and True

Theory of Life - Professor Faraday

Three Good Ships

Tov Wi Hearts Nae Langer

Truth and Idleness

Two Strings to a Bow

Original Victorian Newspaper Articles:
[ A-Ar ][ As-Az ][ B ][ C ][ D ][ E ][ F ][ G ][ H ][ I ][ J-K ][ L ][ M ][ N ][ O ][ P-Q ][ R ][ S ][ T1 ][ T2 ][ U-V ][ W-Y ][ Full List ]