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George Burgess
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A Word to Boys

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Transcript from original newspaper article: -

A Word to BoysA WORD TO BOYS. – Who is respected? It is the boy who conducts himself well, who is honest, diligent, and obedient in all things. It is the boy who is making an effort continually to respect his father, and obey him in whatever he may direct to be done. It is the boy who is kind to other little boys, who respects age, and who never gets into difficulties and quarrels with his companions. It is the boy who leaves no effort untried to improve himself in knowledge and wisdom every day – who is busy and attentive in trying to do good acts towards others. Show us a boy who obeys his parents, who is diligent, who has respect for age, who always has a friendly disposition, and who applies himself diligently to get wisdom and to go good towards others, and if he is not respected and beloved by everybody, then there is no such thing as truth in this world. Remember this, boys, and you will be respected by others, and will grow up and become useful men.