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Phrenology in Bristol

Phrenology by Professor G Rudd in 1928 at 31 Lower Arcade, Bristol, England

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Physiology reading of Mr E.W.B. Baglin:- Spirituality = Large



Faith; Trust; Impressibility; Belief in Providence; Spiritual Guidance; Confidence in partially-developed Truth; Love of the New, Novel, Wonderful, and Spiritual.

Excess – Fanaticism; Superstition.

Deficiency – Scepticism; Incredulity; Unimpressibility.

Location – In front of Hope.  It has three divisions.

1. The lower part gives sense of the novel and marvellous, a disposition to amplify and magnify.
2. The middle part gives belief and the disposition to adopt untried measures, trust in the unseen and impersonal.
3. The upper part of the organ gives a sense of the spiritual, and confidence in partially-developed truths; the medium of inspiration.

VERY LARGE: 7 – Have strong intuitive perceptions of what is right and best; you have faith in spiritual monitions, and are most likely to take the true course when you allow yourself to be guided by what you internally feel to be the right way; have unbounded faith and trust; also belief in spiritual guidance.

LARGE: 6 – Have a large measure of faith; an internal consciousness of right, duty, truth, falsehood, and what is best; will love to mediate on spiritual subjects, and will think many natural things are supernatural.

FULL: 5 – Are lacking in the ground-work of faith; you have a good share of spiritual feeling and considerable intuitive inspiration, but do not always allow yourself to be guided by the premonitions which would lead you aright.

AVERAGE: 4 – Are not destitute of the light within; you have some spiritual monitions, and are not inclined to disregard the guidance of the internal senses, but our intuitions are not always sufficiently distinct to insure your full confidence.

MODERATE: 3– The spiritual part of your nature is not so influential as would be desirable; you have rather indistinct perceptions of spiritual things, yet are open to convictions; are more interested in matters material.

SMALL: 2 – Have very weak perception of spiritual truths; are convinced only with difficulty; will believe nothing till you see facts; are apt to reject new things without examination.

VERY SMALL: 1 – Are sceptical; believe little else than your senses; will only trust on evidence.

TO CULTIVATE – Avoid everything that tends on materialism; never deny the wonderful and mysterious because you cannot understand them; let your mind be open to receive new truths.

TO RESTRAIN – Dwell more upon the realities of life and practical things, and remember what science has done with the superstition of the Middle Ages.