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Phrenology in Bristol

Phrenology by Professor G Rudd in 1928 at 31 Lower Arcade, Bristol, England

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Physiology reading of Mr E.W.B. Baglin:- Hope = Full

Hope, Spirituality.


Sense of Immortality and of the Future; Expectation; Anticipation; Speculation; Cheerfulness; Buoyancy; Enterprise; Elasticity of Mind.

Excess – Extravagant Speculations; Unreasonable Anticipations; Rash Promises.
Deficiency – Want of Enterprise.
Location – In front of Conscientiousness.  It has three divisions:-

1.  The lower part gives enterprise, the disposition to venture, to run risks with the hope of success.
2.  The middle part gives a consciousness of present enjoyments and hope of immediate success connected with this life.
3.  The upper part gives sense of immortality, consciousness of another life, the anticipations of its conditions.

VERY LARGE: 7 – Your expectations are almost unbounded; you build castles in the air, are constantly living in the future which is always bright; you are apt to spend your life in a world of brilliant illusions.  Are very sanguine, buoyant, enterprising, and speculative.

LARGE: 6 – Are inclined to overrate the future; will always look on the bright side of things and overlook obstacles and evils; ou attempt more than you can accomplish, and will console yourself when disappointed by the anticipation of better fortune next time; are cheerful and sanguine.

FULL: 5 – Your expectation are generally reasonable, you are sanguine and enterprising; will often realise more than you expect, are encouraged by bright prospects, but are neither despondent nor too much elated; will venture little.

AVERAGE: 4 – Are inclined to expect and to attempt too little rather than too much; will get easily discouraged by the obstacles you encounter, are disposed to be satisfied with the present instead of looking to the future; are seldom elated.

MODERATE: 3– Will expect and attempt too little; are very moderate in your expectations, will often look on the dark side of things; you will life in the present, and have more fear than hope for the future.

SMALL: 2 – Will expect little from the future but misfortune, you are easily discouraged, and will magnify dangers; are liable to become despondent and melancholy; you lack enterprise.

VERY SMALL: 1 – Will expect little or nothing that is desirable, and undertake nothing for fear of loss.

TO CULTIVATE – Never allow yourself to despair, banish gloom by your cheerfulness, and associate only with persons of a buoyant and happy disposition; remember there is no desert without its oasis; look on the bright side of life and anticipate success.

TO RESTRAIN – Never venture further than your cooler judgment or your friends advice; never dabble in speculations, and let your judgment and intellect guide hope.