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Phrenology in Bristol

Phrenology by Professor G Rudd in 1928 at 31 Lower Arcade, Bristol, England

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Physiology reading of Mr E.W.B. Baglin:- Conscientiousness = Large



Sense of Justice; Obligation; Equity; Accountability; Moral Principle; Integrity; Faithfulness; Consistency; Circumspection; Disposition to do Right according to Agreement.

Excess – Censoriousness; Unworthiness.
Deficiency – Lack of Penitence, Circumspection, and Consistency.
Location – In front of Approbativeness, on each side of Firmness.  It has three divisions:-

1. The lower and outer portion gives consistency in life and action, sense of propriety, and uniformity.

2. The Middle part gives truthfulness, faithfulness, and the disposition to adhere to all engagements.

3. The upper part gives sense of moral obligation, sense to guilt, and the desire to be just; honesty, equity.

VERY LARGE: 7 – Are scrupulously exact in matters of right, you are governed by moral principles; are inclined to be censorious; will make too little allowance for the weakness and imperfection of human nature; you set up a very high standard of morality, and are tormented by remorse; are liable to become morbidly sensitive in matters of conscience.

LARGE: 6 – Are disposed to be strictly honest and upright in all your dealings, and will feel very guilty when conscious of having done wrong; will always consult duty before expediency, and will feel the force of moral obligation; you cannot tolerate wrong doing in others.

FULL: 5 – Have strong feelings of justice, and are honest and upright in all your tendencies, but may yield to the influence of stronger faculties against your conscientious scruples; you give expediency some weight, but are not wholly satisfied with yourself unless walking in the path of rectitude.

AVERAGE: 4 – Are inclined to do what is right, and to be guided by moral principle, but have not always the strength to resist the temptations held out by stronger faculties, and when you do wrong are inclined to justify yourself.

MODERATE: 3– Your ideas of right or wrong are rather feeble; are not very penitent, grateful, or forgiving; you often temporize with principle, sometimes letting interest rule duty; liable to go astray.

SMALL: 2 – Have few scruples of conscience; will do right as a matter of expediency, or through fear of the consequences of an opposite course, rather than form moral principle; have limited ideas of justice.

VERY SMALL: 1 – Are almost entirely destitute of moral principle; will neither regard nor feel the claims of duty or justice.

TO CULTIVATE – Should thoroughly study the meaning of the word RIGHT; never tamper with principle, remember the world hates falsehood, and in everything you do or say be sincere.  Be scrupulously just in everything.

TO RESTRAIN – Never entertain the thought that you have committed the unpardonable sin; do not allow yourself to be tormented about trifling omissions; too much self-criticism will make your life miserable.