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Phrenology in Bristol

Phrenology by Professor G Rudd in 1928 at 31 Lower Arcade, Bristol, England

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Acquisitiveness, Secretiveness.
Physiology reading of Mr E.W.B. Baglin:- Acquititiveness = Full and Average, and Cultivate

Acquisitiveness, Secretiveness.


Sense of Property:  Economy; Desire to Accumulate, Provide for the Future, to Trade, to Hoard and Possess. 

Excess – Avarice.
Deficiency – Prodigality.
Location – Above Alimentiveness, between Constructiveness and Secretiveness.  It has three divisions.

1.  The front part gives a desire to obtain, to trade, and deal in property; industry.
2.  The central part gives the ability to economise, to make both ends meet, to make the most of a little.
3.  The back part gives a desire to hoard, to hide, to lay away for future use, to incline to be miserly and selfish.

VERY LARGE: 7 – Are very economical, have an excessive desire to accumulate wealth; can be penurious; drive hard bargains; will have full value for your money; are liable to be meanly economical.

LARGE: 6 – Have a strong desire to acquire; are industrious, and anxious to become wealthy; are frugal and saving; have the disposition and ability to everything to good account’ will make good bargains.

FULL: 5 – Are industrious in acquiring property; value it for its uses; save carefully, but are not miserly not close; not likely to spend as fast as you earn, though willing to help others.

AVERAGE: 4 – Have fair appreciation of the value of property, and considerable desire to accumulate, but will use wealth, and not hoard it; are industrious.

MODERATE: 3– Value property as a means not an end; are apt to squander it; are not economical, but apt to disregard small expenses.

SMALL: 2 – Spend freely and without judgment; are liable to be extravagant, and live beyond your means.

VERY SMALL: 1 – Have no idea of the value of money; are wasteful, extravagant, and idle.

TO CULTIVATE – Learn to be economical and saving; invest your money at good interest; be industrious.

TO RESTRAIN – Be generous, and enjoy your property as well as earn it; cultivate other faculties; often quit business for recreation.



Concealment; Policy; Management; tact; Reserve; Evasion; a Conservative, Restraining Power.

Excess – Cunning and Deception.
Deficiency – Want of Tact; Bluntness; to be Frank.
Location – Above Destructiveness, below Cautiousness, between Acquisitiveness and Combativeness.  It has three divisions:-

1. The front part gives the desire to keep still, to listen, to keep dark, to appear indifferent.

2. The middle part gives tact; management, the disposition to watch and see every chance, to turn things to a good account.

3. The back part gives ability to evade, to be non-committal, to get out of difficulty, to equivocate.

VERY LARGE: 7 – Are too shy, reserved, evasive, and cunning.  Conceal your plans and intentions, and are guarded, politic, enigmatical and mysterious.  Seldom appear what you are or say what you mean.

LARGE: 6 – Are reserved and non-committal; keep plans and designs to yourself; have tact and power to conceal; are very discreet; are fond of surprising your friends; are liable to be misunderstood even when intentions are honest, owing to want of directness.

FULL: 5 – Can conceal plans, thoughts and feelings, but are not cunning or evasive; have a good degree of self-government and policy.

AVERAGE: 4 – Have no great degree of reserve; are frank and open-hearted, but can keep your own counsel if necessary, except under great excitement.

MODERATE: 3 – Are candid, frank, open-hearted; are liable to speak too freely, dislike concealment and evasion.

SMALL: 2 – Are too frank in the expression or your thoughts and feelings; have little power of disposition to conceal anything.

VERY SMALL: 1 – Have no power to conceal or hide; cannot keep a secret; disclose everything.

TO CULTIVATE – Be more guarded, politic and wary; control your feelings and expressions.

TO RESTRAIN – Cultivate a direct straightforward manner, and be open-hearted and candid