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Phrenology in Bristol

Phrenology by Professor G Rudd in 1928 at 31 Lower Arcade, Bristol, England

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Physiology reading of Mr E.W.B. Baglin:- Friendship = Large



Love of Family; Sociability; Attachment; Gregariousness; Love of Kin and Company; Ability to make Friends.

Excess – Too great Fondness for Society and Relatives.
Deficiency – Desire to live lone as a hermit.
Location – Above Conjugality and the upper portion of Philoprogenitiveness, and between Combativeness, Continuity, and Inhabitiveness, It has three divisions:-

1. The lower portion joins Conjugality, and gives a desire to exchange thoughts and feelings in a social manner, to make friends, to visit and have company.

2. The central portion, next to Inhabitiveness, gives a desire to concentrate one’s social nature in the family and domestic circle; consanguinity; love of kin.

3. The upper portion, near Approbativeness, gives a desire for general society, social popularity, and large gatherings.

VERY LARGE: 7– Are exceedingly warm-hearted, affectionate, and devoted.  Ready to make any sacrifice for your friends, and love them with the utmost tenderness and intensity.  Are too much engrossed in them for your own well-being.

LARGE: 6 – Are very sociable, warm-hearted, affectionate, and enjoy the society of your friends in a high degree.  Are hospitable and love to entertain friends; are very popular among those who know you, and readily form friendships.

FULL: 5 – You are friendly and companionable with those you consider worthy, but are not disposed to sacrifice too much on their behalf.  Are cordial in your association with those around you, but your attachments are not always lasting.

AVERAGE: 4 – Are capable of considerable affection towards your friends under favourable circumstances.  Are apt to place business before friends, and use them to promote your interests.

MODERATE: 3 – You form but few attachments and manifest but a moderate degree of affection for anyone.  Form few friendships, but have many acquaintances.

SMALL: 2 – Are cold and indifferent to those around you, have neither the desire nor ability to make friends.

VERY SMALL: 1 – Incapable of feeling friendship or awakening it in others.

TO CULTIVATE – Go into society, be friendly and social.  Do not be exclusive and distant.

TO RESTRAIN – Let affection and friendship be guided by intellect.