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Phrenology in Bristol

Phrenology by Professor G Rudd in 1928 at 31 Lower Arcade, Bristol, England

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Domestic Propensities

Physiology reading of Mr E.W.B. Baglin:- Amativeness = Full

Analysis and Location of the Faculties. Domestic Propensities. Amativeness, Conjugality.


Passionate Love:  Regards for the Opposite sex. 
Excess – Licentiousness.
Deficiency – Want of Love to the Opposite Sex.
Location – In the Cerebellum.  It gives fullness and width to the neck, and had two divisions:

1. Reproductive Love is in the centre, and adapts mankind to the continuance of the race.

2. Love of the Sex is on the outside toward the ear, and gives a desire to exchange thoughts and feelings with the opposite sex without reference to marriage; to caress, kiss and fondle.

VERY LARGE: 7 – Have in the greatest degree the desire to love and be loved; have the strongest regard for the opposite sex, and are irresistibly drawn by them, and can also exert a similar power over them.  Are pleasing and winning in manner, cannot endure coldness or indifference in the one loved, and constantly desire caresses and expressions of affection.

LARGE: 6 – Susceptible to strong love, and this element is very influential in your organisation, and will affect you greatly for good or evil.  Are very warm-hearted and affectionate.

FULL: 5 – Can love devotedly and warmly, but not passionately.  Are very attentive to those who are congenial spirits, and are capable of much purity, intensity, and cordiality of love.

AVERAGE: 4 – Generally manifest a fair degree of attachment of the other sex, but are not very ardent in feeling.  With large Ideality would manifest more admiration than affection.

MODERATE: 3– Are rather cold and indifferent towards the other sex, and love their mental excellences more than their personal charms.

SMALL: 2 – Are deficient in love; would not live happily in married life.

VERY SMALL: 1 – Are prudish and cold-hearted, should never marry.

TO CULTIVATE – Mingle more with the opposite sex and cultivate love.

TO RESTRAIN –Avoid stimulants in diet, cultivate purity of thouthts.