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Phrenology in Bristol

Phrenology by Professor G Rudd in 1928 at 31 Lower Arcade, Bristol, England

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Motive Temperament, Mental Temperament.
Physiology reading of Mr E.W.B. Baglin:- Motive Temperament = Large & Full, Mental Temperament = Full

Motive Temperament, Mental Temperament.


VERY LARGE: 7 – The osseous and muscular systems are very strong; can endure severe trials and hardships, and seldom become weary; are as tough as the oak, can endure anything and everything, and never know the meaning of the word tired; in character are energetic, efficient, determined, and persistent.

LARGE: 6 – Very strong bones and muscles.  Can endure great fatigue and exertion; are tough, hardy, and wiry, will show force, endurance, and efficiency in whatever you undertake; have strong feelings and passions, are capable of great things, but need strong self-government and restraint.

FULL: 5 – Can labour continuously, but should not overstrain the powers.  With great care and training could accomplish much in the way of physical exertion with little exhaustion; are not afraid of work, or anything else.

AVERAGE: 4 – You could not endure a long continued strain upon either muscle or brain, will prefer a light or sedentary occupation, should cultivate muscular power and love of activity; improve your strength and learn to endure hardships.

MODERATE: 3– Easily become wearied.  Cannot make great exertion; have but little inclination for labour, are spasmodic and liable to overstrain, and will prefer sitting or lounging about to activity of any kind.

SMALL: 2 – Are hardly able to move about or to put forth effort; are poorly endowed with muscular force and the propelling and governing powers connected with the motive temperament.

VERY SMALL: 1 – Are very feeble, and almost motionless.  Are always tired; you will only move when compelled to.

TO CULTIVATE – Take regular physical exercise.  Walking, running, swimming, skating, and gymnastics are all good exercises, but must be adapted to your weak condition and increased as you gain strength.

TO RESTRAIN – Cultivate the brain and nervous temperament as a balance.



VERY LARGE: 7– Have great power to generate thought, feeling, and emotion.  Your brain predominates over your body and your mental states have a powerful influence over your physical conditions; you are and delicate in your perceptions; rapid in your mental operations, and are liable to crowd seventy years into thirty.

LARGE: 6 – Have great metal power and clearness of thought.  Are fond of literature and art; are discriminating, quick-witted, intellectually efficient, and calculated to lead in the higher walks of literature, art, or science, provided you have had the necessary mental culture.

FULL: 5 – Have a fair share of ability to think, write and study and have sufficient mental power for most pursuits; you have good judgement and mental clearness, yet are not a genius.

AVERAGE: 4 – Require an effort to think, to feel intensely and clearly; with the advantages of education you are capable of attaining a position in intellectual society, but are better adapted to manual labour, mechanism, or to business than to a profession.

MODERATE: 3 – Are dull, stupid, and cannot think consecutively; are slow in comprehending a subject, and would not succeed in a mental pursuit; your judgment is poor, and you need the direction of minds more highly endowed.

TO CULTIVATE –Think, study, and associate with the intellectual; devote all spare money and time to getting and reading books; attend lectures and every means of literary improvement; associate with the pure and intellectual class of society; be a student and live mentally.

TO RESTRAIN – Work more with the body, take more physical recreation and think less, learn to enjoy the animal pleasures and comforts of life.