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Phrenology in Bristol

Phrenology reading of Edward William Burgess Baglin by Professor G Rudd on 26th June 1928 at 31 Lower Arcade, Bristol

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Physiology:- Organic Quality - Health.
Physiology reading of Mr E.W.B. Baglin:- Organic Quality = FULL, Health = Full

Organic Quality, Health.


VERY LARGE: 7 – Are very high-toned and exquisite in organisation; very impressible to internal emotions and external influences; are adapted to fine and light work, rather than that which is course and heavy; have poetic and artistic tastes, lofty aspirations, and tender sympathies.

LARGE: 6 – Have a fine tone of organisation; are impressible to surrounding influences; very susceptible to enjoyment of suffering; are Liable to extremes in feeling and actin and repelled by whatever is low, coarse, or gross; have exquisite tastes.

FULL: 5 – Are rather impressible and intense in thought and feeling, but not easily thrown off the balance; are more inclined to the good than bad, and will strive to elevate yourself.

AVERAGE: 4 – Need culture to show elevation or susceptibility of mind; should lead a pure life physiologically.

MODERATE: 3 – Have not a spiritual or elevated mind; are better adapted to labour than to study; you should not attempt any of the delicate mechanical trades.

SMALL: 2 – Are coarse-grained and low-toned in organisation; cold not follow a mental pursuit.

VERY SMALL: 1 – Will resemble the oyster in obtuseness and stupidity.

TO CULTIVATE – Cultivate the perfect and beautiful; become pure in body and mind.

TO RESTRAIN - Because more physical and less ethereal, and study how to enjoy all the physical pleasures and comforts of life.



VERY LARGE: 7 – Have an overflowing cup of vitality; never troubled with aches and pains; with care can live to old age; are full of life and vigour, and can find exquisite pleasure in the mere sense of animal existence.

LARGE: 6 – Are very healthy; can endure continuous labour without fatigue; can resist diseases and changes of climate; equal to the emergency, and will find study and work alike easy and pleasant; are able to endure toll, exposure and hardship with impunity.

FULL: 5 – Have a good amount of health and fair capacity to labour, but liable to be affected by foreign influences, changes of weather, and circumstances; can work well, but have no life force to waste in unnecessary and fruitless effort.

AVERAGE: 4 – Have only an ordinary degree of health and vitality; have but little physical endurance; are liable to ailments; should live regularly and pay strict attention to the organic laws.

MODERATE: 3 – Have but little strength or health; need recuperation; are easily fatigued; should stop all unnecessary drafts upon your remaining stock of vitality, and by means of rest and sleep endeavour to increase it.

SMALL: 2 – Are very feeble, and unable to make any exertion.

VERY SMALL: 2- Are so deficient in health as to be quite useless.

TO CULTIVATE – Endeavour to bring yourself under right physiological conditions, mentally, and physically; be careful not to transgress any law of your nature.

TO RESTRAIN – If too much vitality, work vigorously, cultivate the brain and practice self-denial in eating and drinking.