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George Burgess
Burgess Family History
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By George Burgess (1829-1905)

Phrenologist in Bristol 1861-1901

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Courage, Destructiveness, Temper, Seneitiveness, Acquisitiveness and Secrecy.

Courage, Destructiveness, Temper, Seneitiveness, Acquisitiveness and Secrecy.

In this life many battles have to be fought, and this quality fits us to fight them.  It gives us resolution, defiance, valor, and says ‘stand for the right’.

The process of destructiveness goes on throughout all nature.  It is necessary to reconstruction.  The quality of destructiveness is adapted to this law of nature.  It clears the way, gives executiveness, and says ‘Kill and eat’.

A good temper springs from a healthy and harmonious organization.  It helps us to cut our way through difficulties, and through work.  It gives us spirit, and fits us to resent rude annoyances and vain conceit.

All living things are sensitive, but especially human beings.  The most finely organised being is the most sensitive being.  With fair surroundings this quality can render out mental, moral, and social life a continual joy.

The quality induces us to acquire, economize and save.  It relates to the law which requires us to procure before we can enjoy.  It inspires us to self-preservation; and tells all to earn for themselves.

Privacy concerning many matters is essential, and also a virtue.  Hence the quality of secrecy gives us the power of concealment, and says there is a time to speak, and a time to be silent.