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George Burgess
Burgess Family History
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By George Burgess (1829-1905)

Phrenologist in Bristol 1861-1901

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Narrow – A uniformly narrow head is a sign of deficient force and power, although people with narrow heads are often brilliant.

Low – A uniformly low head indicates that the nature will mainly operate in the lower, or material sphere.

High – A uniformly high head shows a correspondingly high and elevated nature.  When highest in the crown, it shows pride and authority; when highest in the centre it shows respect, reverence, and spirituality.  When highest in the front, it shows humanity and loving kindness.

Round – A uniformly round head, is the sign of an even, round, easy-going nature.

Square – a uniformly square head shows a distinct, square nature with corners to it.


Small – A very small forehead is a sign of a small, diminutive intellect.

Large – A large, well-shaped forehead shows a large amount of native talent.

High – A high, full forehead is a sign of ability to study mental and moral subjects.  But  a high, very shallow forehead shows but little talent of any kind.

Low – A low forehead, if deep and full, shows good native ability to understand material and commercial operations.  But a forehead very low and very shallow, shows neither talent nor tenderness.  Reason comes from the upper, and Observation from the lower half of the forehead.

Memory – A good memory is indicated by fullness up through the central line of the forehead, and especially by prominence at the lower half of that line.

Brow – When the brow is heavy, and drawn close down over the eye, it shows closeness of observation.  When the brow is full, nicely arched, and slightly elevated, it shows versatility and clearness of observation.

Square – A square, full forehead shows a mind that likes time to see into matters.

Sharp – A sharp-cut forehead can see the idea at a glance.

Perfect – A perfect forehead is full, and slightly receding.

A perfect man’s forehead is slightly angular.

A perfect Woman’s forehead is rather oval, and finely rounded.