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George Burgess
Burgess Family History
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By George Burgess (1829-1905)

Phrenologist in Bristol 1861-1901

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Complexion, Hair and Beauty.

Complexion, Hair and Beauty.


Dark – A dark, healthy complexion is a sign of depth and power of feeling.

Sallow – A sallow complexion shows that health should be attended to.

Red – A very red, fiery complexion is a sing of false health-conditions, and irritable, fiery passions.

Light – A light, clear complexion shows appreciation for refinement and taste.

Fair – A fair complexion, with the cheeks beautifully tinged with the glow of health, indicates a tendency to be frank, fair, and beautiful in manner.

Beautiful – A beautiful complexion may be of any healthy color, and it can only be obtained, or preserved, by using plenty of water internally and externally, by facing healthy breezes, and by strictly living for health.


Dark – Dark hair is a sign of deep and powerful emotions.

Brown – Brown hair is a sign of much deep feeling.

Auburn – Auburn hair shoes a nature capable of appreciating the poetical and sentimental.

Sandy – Sandy hair shows a soul with fire in it.

Light – Very light hair indicates a nature to appreciate the spiritual.

Straight – Very straight hair shows a tendency to be uniform in manner.

Curly – Very curly hair indicates a fanciful, enthusiastic nature, and frequently a curly temper.

Coarse – Very coarse hair indicates some bluntness of character.

Fine – Very fine hair shows fine, sensitive feelings.

Flat – Hair that naturally lies very flat over the head is a sign of a rather negative, dependent nature.

Upright – Stiff upright-standing hair shows a direct, positive nature of its king, with a fearless out-spoken spirit.

Beautiful – Beautiful, healthy hair may be preserved by washing it often in pure water; and brushing and dressing it well without artificial aids.


Personal Beauty may exist in a form of any size, so that it is well-proportioned in regard to stature, size, bone, muscle, flesh, and size of head and face.  The mere bodily form and conditions simply indicate the amount of physical perfection and beauty one has.  The form of the face and head is a sign of the amount of animal, mental, and moral perfection and beauty possessed.  The law is universal, that beauty without is produced and expressed by beauty within.  All pure and beautiful beings, as the angels, and Jesus, are represented as being personally beautiful, and wicked beings are represented as being personally ugly.