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George Burgess
Burgess Family History
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By George Burgess (1829-1905)

Phrenologist in Bristol 1861-1901

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Nose and Eyes.

Nose and Eyes.


Breadth – Great breadth of the nose as a whole indicates good original breathing powers, and a narrow pinched up nose indicates small lungs, and limited breath.

Sharpness – A sharp-cut pointed nose is a sign of sharp feelings and perceptions; and a blunt nose, heavy and dumpy at its point, indicates a blunt, slow nature.

Length – A long, out-standing, pointed nose, indicates a keen sense of smell, and a penetrating, progressive mind.  A very short nose indicates but limited originality of mind; although when sharp and well shaped, if often accompanies a versatile and artistic nature.

Snub – A diminutive snub nose is a sign of a common-place mind.

Hollow – A uniformly hollow or concave nose, is a sign of some weakness in the body and spirit.

Arched – An arched nose indicates strength of character somewhere.  When arched and prominent above, just below the root, it is a sign of courage, and a spirit to conquer.  When especially arched in the centre, it indicates a self-defensive spirit; and when the nose is especially hooked at the lower end, it indicates a spirit to get – sometimes money, &c., but it will hook up something.

Perfect – A perfect nose is nearly straight, well-set, well proportioned in itself, and in relation to the face as a whole, and it indicates capacity to appreciate refinement, elegance, culture, art and beauty.


Large – Large well-formed eyes are a sign of versatile observation and vivacity of feeling.

Small – Small eyes, if healthy and clear, indicate far sighted vision, and a shrewd mind so far as it goes.

Bright – Bright eyes, in health, are a sign of a bright nature.  If bright and quick in motion, they indicate a bright and emotional nature; but if bright and slow in motion, they indicate a bright, calm, and uniform nature.

Dull – Dull eyes are a sign of a dull nature.  The hog with its dull eye, is dull and stupid.

Black – Black eyes indicate depth and power of nature.  Black-eyed people are not the most demonstrative at first, but when thoroughly moved their feelings, like hidden fire, will burn with great power and intensity.  There is more mystery in a black eye than in one of any other color.

Brown – Brown eyes show much depth of feeling, and often much tenderness.  Black and brown eyed nations are slow to change their national customs; and as compared with light-eyed nations their physical nature predominates.