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George Burgess
Burgess Family History
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By George Burgess (1829-1905)

Phrenologist in Bristol 1861-1901

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Mouth, Voice, Talk and Lips.

Voice, Talk and Lips.

Open – A uniformly open mouth shows an open character, and too little prudent reserve, for it is generally waiting already open to freely take and freely give.

Down – A mouth turned down at the corners is a sign of gravity, and not, too much blandness.

Up – A mouth turned p at the corners indicates love of mirth and pleasantry.

Perfect – A perfect mouth is neither too close nor too close open, in good proportion to the other features, and finely formed; and it is a sign of much personal agreeableness.


Light – A light voice indicates a negative nature.

Heavy – A heavy voice indicates a powerful nature.

Plaintive – A plaintive voice indicates a dependent nature.

Rough – A rough harsh voice shows a rough, harsh spirit.

Smooth – A smooth, even voice indicates a smooth, uniform nature.

Winning – One with a beautiful, winning voice, has an agreeable disposition, and is ‘bound to win’.

Noble – A fine, full, clear, noble voice indicates much that is fine and noble in the physical and general character.


Rapid – Very rapid talk shows an impetuous nature.

Slow – Very slow talk indicates a slow, heavy, or languid nature.

Regular – A regular mode of talking shows a methodical and regular mode of thinking.

Irregular – Irregular talk shows irregular thought.

Plain – Plain talk shows a plain, matter-of-fact character.

Ornamental – A fanciful, ornamental style of talking shows an imaginative or fanciful nature.

Perfect – A calm, intelligent, properly emphasized, and perfect mode of talking, shows a clear mind, with much thought and good sense.


Thick – Very thick, fleshy lips, are a sign of a rather dull gross nature, and of some indolence in the disposition.

Thin – Very thin, keen-cut lips are a sign of a thin, keen, cutting, peculiar nature.

Calm – Naturally calm firm lips, are a sign of a calm, firm, composed nature, with deliberation and courage.

Restless – Naturally restless lips shows a restless spirit, and they generally belong to an uneasy individual.

Beautiful – Beautiful lips are red, rather full, and beautifully turned; and they are a sign of a lovable and loving nature; the owner of such lips could enjoy kissing, with some one.