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George Burgess
Burgess Family History
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By George Burgess (1829-1905)

Phrenologist in Bristol 1861-1901

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Corns on the Feet. And the Physiologically of Hands.

Hands and Neck.

Corns – Corns often turn a naturally beautiful foot into an ugly one; and make a person walk awkwardly who would otherwise walk gracefully.  If the young would never begin to wear crooked boots, “rights and lefts,” they would never be troubled with corns.  Not one in a thousand can use crooked boots without soon searing them down on one side of the heel, so as to topple over.  This causes extra pressure and friction against special parts of the foot; the extra pressure can friction produce painful corns; the painful corns cause their owner to hobble, and limp, and walk ugly; and this continued horrible limping ultimately produces a deformed and ugly foot.  Anatomically, and physiologically, crooked boots are a mistake; for a foot that is not deformed is almost perfectly straight, as a whole; hence only a straight boot will allow of uniform pressure all over the bottom surface of the foot during walking.  Science then, and experience, shows that straight boots, of the size to be comfortable , changed from foot to foot every day, are the only right and proper boots to be worn by a person who would have no corns, but a graceful walk, and a neat and beautiful foot.



Long – A long thin hand indicates subordinate animal power, and little physical strength. 

Short – A short, thick hand is a sign of physical compactness and firmness.

Square – Square tipped fingers, of uniform size from hand to tips, are a sign of a uniform, plain, matter-of-fact nature.

Rough – A naturally rough hand is a sign of a rugged rough nature, although its owner may be both wise and good.

Smooth – A smooth, soft hand, with rounded fingers, shows an even, easy, and loving nature.

Beautiful – A beautiful hand well-proportioned to the general form, with slightly tapering fingers, and a tendency to roundness, is a sigh of capacity to be attractive and charming in manner and person.

Shaking Hands – A cold heated person shakes hands in a cold icy manner.  A warm-hearted person shakes hand in a warm, hearty manner.  A proud person shakes hand in an unbending, proud manner; and a vain person shakes hands with much ceremony, in order to be complementary, but more especially in order to be complimented.