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George Burgess
Burgess Family History
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By George Burgess (1829-1905)

Phrenologist in Bristol 1861-1901

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Stature, Size, Bone, Muscle, Flesh, ShapeFeet.


Stature – Tallness, accompanied by thinness, is a sign, as a rule, that the physical nature is more elevated, than gross and earthy.  And a very short form, spreading largely over the earth, and living down near the earth, is a sign of an earthy nature.

Size – Great sixe round the chest, about the shoulders, and the vital parts generally, is a sign of physical stability and power.  A small chest indicates but limited bodily power.

Bone – Large bones are a sign of a firm bodily framework; and often some stiffness in the physical movements.  Small bones indicate bodily softness, and little capacity for bodily work.

Muscle – Muscle is lean flesh.  Large muscles are a sing of much muscular strength, and physical elasticity.  Small muscles indicate deficient muscular strength, with bodily inefficiency.

Flesh – A fat form, if healthy, is a sign of capacity to heartily enjoy the material pleasures of life.  Its owner can enjoy ease, or a busy managing life, but will not like close drudgery.  A thin skinny form indicates a tendency o by chilly, and but limited capacity to enjoy the animal pleasures of life.

Shape – A very flat form is generally a sign of physical infirmity.  A square, angular form indicates physical hardness, and an angular nature.  A round form is a sign of strength – it is self-protecting, like a round spire against which the winds of heaven strike and glance off again without injuring it.

Perfect – A healthy, handsome, beautiful, or perfect physical nature, which qualifies its owner to properly enjoy all the natural physical pleasures of life.



Large – Large feet indicate rather slow physical movements, and a plain, unaffected, general character.

Small – Very small feet, when their owner is healthy, and properly trained, are a sign of a busy, lively nature; but they seldom belong to a person of a great mind.

Arched – An arched foot, if not extreme – is generally a sign that its owner has much personal attraction.

Flat – Very flat feet, especially if broad, are a sign of a monotonous flat nature. 

Ugly – Very ugly feet, when naturally so, are a sign of an unattractive general nature.

Beautiful – A beautiful foot, in size, is an exact proportion to the other physical parts; it is beautifully moulded; and is a sign of a very attractive person and nature; and it indicates great susceptibility to refinement.

Walk – A quick step shows a quick nature; a slow step walk shows a slow nature; an irregular walk shows an irregular wandering mind; a straight walk shows a direct mind, with an easy, graceful, erect, perfect walk, shows a graceful, uniform nature, with some pride in it.  People always walk exactly as they feel.