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George Burgess
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By George Burgess (1829-1905)

Phrenologist in Bristol 1861-1901

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The Science of Human Nature - Health, Stomach.

The Science of Human Nature - Health.


It is universal law of nature that form is a sign of character.  All vegetable seeds similar in shape, produce similar fruit.  All animals are alike in character, exactly as they are alike in form.  It is because form is the universal and unerring sign of character, that we can tell at a glance which dog is vicious, and which is harmless; which animal has the nature of the lion, and which the nature of the lamb.  So, all human beings are alike in character, exactly as they are alike in their complete forms.  The external is developed by the internal; and the outer form is the true expression of the inner spirit; hence all beings carry their character with them, written outwardly on every feature of their complete organization.  But the complete character of person cannot be perfectly read from the body, or face, or head, singly – to discover the whole character, it should be remembered that when the signs of self-love and kindness are both prominent, the action of each quality is modified in the character.  This principle must be applied to all the faculties.  But the more prominent signs always show that their faculties are controlling in their influence.  Training and education are also influence the manifestation of the faculties, and this fact must be taken into account by those who would read character correctly.  This book in only intended to describe the science of character very briefly, but after reading about one thousand five hundred persons a year, since January 1861, the writer can state that the Principle of the Art of Reading Character as explained in this book is correct; allowing, of course, that the hair, complexion, &c., do not indicate character so accurately as the form of the face and the head – for the HEAD is the crowning portion of the human organization.


Stomach – Good digestion is the sign of a vigorous nature, and a tendency to be happy.  A proper development in the region of the stomach, and a healthy look, indicate goo digestive capacity.  Indigestion is a sign of physical inefficiency, and a tendency to complain.  Hollow cheeks and a stomach show a tendency to indigestion.