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Phrenology Contents Page

By George Burgess (1829-1905)

Phrenologist in Bristol 1861-1901

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PhrenologyPhysiognomyAuthor: George Burgess (1829 -1905). George Burgess practiced Phrenology in the Arcades, Bristol from 1861 to 1901. These books were published about or after 1871, and most likely published in the Bristol area. The first book is a general guide to Phrenology. The Scriptural passages in the book were searched out by George Burgess in 1868. The second book was used by George Burgess until his retirement in 1901. The readings being entered into this book by George Burgess for his customers to keep.

Also see the Phrenology readings by Professor G Rudd at the turn of the 20th Century of William Edward Baglin (1839-1908) and son, Edward William Burgess Baglin (1906-1969). William Edward Baglin being the son-in-law of George Burgess.

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Book 1


Page 1 The science of human nature
  Health (Stomach, Heart, Lungs, Skin, Brain, Health)
Page 2 Texture (Fitness, Coarseness)
  General Form (Measurements, Stature, Size, Bone, Muscle, Flesh, Shape, Perfect)
Page 3 Feet (Large, Small, Arched, Flat, Ugly, Beautiful, Walk, Corns)
Page 4 Hands (Long, Short, Square, Rough, Smooth, Beautiful, Shaking Hands)
  Neck (Long, Short, Perfect)
Page 5 Ears (Rough, Fine, Projecting)
  Jaws (Heavy, Light, Round)
  Chin (Large, Small, Hard, Dimpled, Beautiful)
  Mouth (Small, Large, Closed, Open, Down, Up, Perfect)
Page 6 Voice (Light, Heavy, Plaintive, Rough, Smooth, Winning, Noble)
  Talk (Rapid, Slow, Regular, Irregular, Plain, Ornamental, Perfect)
  Lips (Thick, Thin, Calm, Restless, Beautiful)
Page 7 Nose (Breadth, Sharpness, Length, Snub, Hollow, Arched, Perfect)
  Eyes (Large, Small, Bright, Dull, Black, Brown, Hazel, Blue, Beautiful)
Page 8 Face (Short, Long, Flat, Keen, Round, Square, Oval)
  Expression (Permanent, Variable)
Page 9 Complexion (Dark, Sallow, Red, Light, Fair, Beautiful)
  Hair (Dark, Brown, Auburn, Sandy, Light, Straight, Curly, Course, Fine, Flat, Upright, Beautiful)
  Beauty (Personal beauty, Perfect, Personal Beauty)
Page 10 Head (Size, Skulls, Small, Large, Long, Short, Broad, Narrow, Low, High, Round, Square)
Page 11 Forehead (Small, Large, High, Low, Reason, Observation, Memory, Brow, Square, Sharp, Perfect)
Page 12 Signs of Character in the Head
Page 14 General Health
  Bodily Strength
  Health of Digestion
  Health of Blood
  Health of Lungs
  Health of Liver
Page 15 Health of Nerves
  Marriage Love
  Love of Children
  Love of Home
Page 16 Courage
Page 17 Caution
  Love of Praise
  Self Esteem
Page 18 Hope and Faith
  Spirituality – Belief
  Benevolence – Kindness
  Constructive Ability
  Sense of the Beautiful
Page 19 Imitative Ability
  Mirth – Wit - Humor
  Perception of Form
  Perception of Size
  Perception of Weight
Page 20 Perception of Color
  Order and Method
  Talent for Numbers
  Memory of Localities
  Memory of Events
  Sense of Time
Page 21 Love for Music
  Flow of Language
  Reasoning Ability – Causality
  Comparing Ability – Criticism
  Human Nature
  Agreeableness – Courtesy

Book 2


Page 1 Signs of Character in the Head
Page 2 General Health
Page 3 Bodily Strength
  Health of Digestion
Page 4 Health of Blood
  Health of Lungs
Page 5 Health of Liver
  Health of the Nerve System
Page 6 Mental Observation of Individuality
  Perception of Forms
Page 7 Perception of Sizes
  Perception of Weight
Page 8 Perception of Colors
  Order and Method
Page 9 Talent for Numbers
  Constructive Ability
Page 10 Sense of Time
  Memory of Localities
Page 11 Memory of Events
  Reasoning Ability
Page 12 Comparing Ability
  Human Nature
Page 13 Imitative Ability
  Mirth – Wit – Humor
Page 14 Language
  Ability and Love for Music
Page 15 Sense of the Beautiful
Page 16 Benevolence – Kindness
  Hope and Faith
Page 17 Spirituality
  Religious Feeling
Page 18 Conscience
Page 19 Love of Praise
Page 20 Secrecy – Reserve
  Self-Love – Economy
Page 21 Application
Page 22 Self-Confidence
Page 23 Destructiveness
Page 24 Sensitiveness
Page 25 Love of Home
  Love of Children or Pets
Page 26 Marriage Love
  The Guide to Marriage Happiness
Page 28 The Guide to Health
Page 29 Occupations
Page 35 The Value of Phrenology
Page 36 Physiognomy The Art of Reading Character