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Mother's Last Words by Mary Sewell

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Mother's Last Words by Mary Sewell page 3


Then one stepped forth and took my hand,
And spake like music, passing sweet,
“We have been watching for thee long,
To bring thee to our Master’s feet.”

Then hand in hand we floated on,
Through glowing fields of lovely flowers,
And saw ten thousand happy souls
At rest among the shining bowers.

Our Saviour walked among them, John,
Most beautiful He was to see,
And such a heavenly smile He gave,
When first He saw poor worthless me.

And oh! the gracious things He spoke,
I hardly could believe the word;
‘Come in, thou faithful one,’ He said,
‘And rest thee now beside thy Lord.’

Then all around, I heard the sound
Of joyous voices, singing praise,
And I stood there, and joined the song,
And looked upon His blessed face.

And as I looked, my heart grew strong,
And then I fell before His feet;
‘Dear Lord,’ I said, ‘I pray thee send
An Angel to our wicked street.

‘I’ve left two little boys behind,
To get through this bad world alone,
And much, I fear, they’ll miss their way,
And never reach Thy glorious throne.’

‘I will,’ He said, and then He called
A beauteous Angel by his name,
And swifter than an arrow flies,
That beauteous Angel to Him came.

And as I knelt before His feet,
I heard the order plainly given,
That he should guard my little boys,
And bring them safe to me in heaven.

I saw the Angel bow his head,
And cast on me a look of love,
Then spread his snowy wings to leave
His blissful seat in heaven above.

So do not fret about my death,
I know you’ll not be left alone,
For God will send the Angel down,
To care for you, when I am gone.

I’m sure you will have daily bread,
For that the King gave strict command,
And all the wealth of London town,
Is in the power of His hand.

So never join with wicked lads
To steal, and swear, and drink, and lie;
For though you are but orphans here,
You’ll have a Father in the sky.

I can’t see plain, what you should do,
But God, I think, will make your way,
So don’t go to the workhouse, dears,
But try for work, and always pray.