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GENEALOGY on Nathanville
Nathanville Family Tree

FAMILY TREE #1 - Dynamic and interactive Family Tree ideal for you genealogy research, predominantly covers South East and Northern England and Northern Ireland. The main family surnames includes Babb, Baglin, Bick, Burford, Chappell, Cook, Davis, England, Fry, Greenman, Harris, Hewson, Jenner, King, Loyns, Nippress, Oaten, Price, Russ, Rutter, Sellar, Sherwood, Stickler and Tudor.

FAMILY TREE #2 - Dynamic and interactive Family Tree ideal for you genealogy research, predominantly covers South West England, Bristol and South Wales. The main family surnames includes Aldous, Allinson, Baines, Bracegirdle, Browne, Butcher, Clymo, Cornish, Ewbank, Fisher, Fiske, Greenling, Greenwood, Henwood, Howard, Hurren, Kettle, Mutter, Prestney, Relton, Vavasour, Vercoe and Watkinson.

Surname Search and Site Search

Full Family Tree Index - The Tree format for the above two family trees have recently been upgraded to a more dynamic tree including pedigree charts; this index, which includes the full index for the above two trees is in the original (yet still versatile) family tree database format. This Index gives you access to a full and free searchable genealogy database of over 18,000 names on the Nathanville Family Tree; a fully indexed and interactive family tree database.

SITE SEARCH - Search Nathanville for related family history, family documents and family photos. The Google Site Search engine is an ideal tool for further searching Nathanville where relevant information has already been found in the Family Tree Database. GenForum is also available for further family research.

Family Documents

FAMILY HISTORY - The main menu page for links to specific Family History pages for the following family groups: -

Baglin, Baines, Browne, Burgess, England, Ewbank, Fiske, Jenner, Oaten, Russ and Stickler

Each Family Group contains family history for that family and links to history pages of prominent individuals within the family e.g. Thomas Arthur VC, George Burgess (Phrenologist), the Infamous Sarah Bradbeare of Pitminster by Tony Milward (Bradbeer One-Name Study). Also see the 'Not So Famous'. For family documents explore the photo albums on Nathanville.

Family Photos

FAMILY PHOTOS - Family Photo Albums including historical family documents. And family related photos.
FAMILY PHOTO ALBUMS - Includes People and Historical Family Documents.

[ Baglin ] [ Burgess ] [ Davis ] [ England ] [ Falconer ] [ Jenner ] [ Oaten ] [ Russ ] [ Stickler ]


Time Line on Nathamville
TIMELINE - Time Line for UK events through history from 1656 to 1999 related to family history (genealogy) e.g. UK Population, UK Monarchs, UK Politics, UK Wars and World Inventions.
PRIVACY POLICY and CREDITS on Nathanville Genealogy: If you submit your family tree to link to the Nathanville family tree please be considerate of other peoples privacy and do not send details of anyone who may still be living without their prior consent. Credits/acknowledgment also given on this page to fellow researchers who have contributed to Nathanville's genealogy records.
Phrenology by George Burgess


  • Phrenology by George Burgess (1829-1905)
  • Phrenology by George Burgess of Gertrude Rosa Burgess 1901
  • Head Stamps - Photos of the Phrenology Head Stamps used by George Burgess in his profession in the Arcades, Bristol (1861-1901).

Victorian Scrapbook

Victorian Scrapbook of Newspaper articles:- Transcripts and Original Copies - A collection of over 500 Victorian newspapers articles in the scrapbook by George Burgess. His Victorian Scrapbook covers the following subjects: -

[ Family ] [ Health & Education ] [ Humour ] [ Poetry ] [ Politics & History ] [ Religion ] [ Science & Nature ] [ Temperance ] [ Victorian Culture ]

Mother's Last Words by Mary Sewell

Mother's Last Words - by Mary Sewell
Downend Parish Magazine 1905

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RELEVANT LINKS - Links relevant to Genealogy, Hobbies and leisure interests on Nathanville.