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Victorian Publications on Nathanville

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Phrenology by George Burgess (1829-1905)

Author: George Burgess (1829-1905). George Burgess practiced Phrenology in the Arcades, Bristol from 1861 to 1901. These books were published about or after 1871, and most likely published in the Bristol area.

Contents Page - Basic List of Page Contents for both Phrenology books by George Burgess.

Phrenology Book 1 - The first book is a general guide to Phrenology. The Scriptural passages in the book were searched out by George Burgess in 1868.

Phrenology Book 2 - The second book was used by George Burgess until his retirement in 1901, the readings being entered into this book by George Burgess for his customers to keep. The reading in this particular book is of his daughter Gertrude Rosa Burgess in 1901.

Phrenology Heads - Photos of the head stamps (wood carvings & brass on wood) used by George Burgess in his profession in the Arcades, Bristol (1861-1901).

Also see the Phrenology readings by Professor G Rudd during the early part of the 20th Century in the Shopping Arcades, Bristol.

Phrenology by George Burgess

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Scrapbook of Victorian Newspapers by George Burgess (1829-1905)
Over 500 Newspaper Articles (Free to View)

The Victorian Scrapbook, diary and other writings by Beorge BurgessThe Victorian Scrapbook of George Burgess covering most of his working life from the late 1840's to the 1900's (Victorian era) contains a collection of Victorian newspapers; articles (most undated, but a few have been dated) mostly from American newspapers between 1845 and 1857 while George Burgess was in America and British newspapers from 1857 to about 1901 after his return to England.

As he ran out of space in his scrapbook he stuck newer newspaper cuttings over older articles. A few of the articles have come adrift and most have deteriorated with age. However, this Victorian scrapbook of newspaper articles is notable in that it gives insight into George Burgess as a person, as he selected (as anyone would) articles to which he could relate. Newspaper Articles reflecting his views and/or on topics of interest to him e.g. Religion, Science, Humour, Drink and Poetry etc.

Victorian Newspapers -
Free to view online from here is large selection of the original Victorian newspapers, saved in the Victorian Scrapbook by George Burgess.

George Burgess, a great lover of poetry and good literature, gained much pleasure from transcribing some of these Victorian newspaper articles. Here is a selection of six Victorian newspaper articles transcribed by George Burgess; articles of his choice on poetry and short stories, reproduced in his hand-writing and written on his own personalised paper.

The full collection of Victorian newspaper articles (over 500) in the scrapbook by George Burgess have been transcribed to this site for free viewing. For historical accuracy, poor spelling and bad grammar (and American spellings) these Victorian newspaper article have been faithfully reproduced in the transcription.

ALPHABETICAL - The Victorian newspapers in the Victorian Scrapbook are listed alphabetically, and by

SUBJECT - The topics for these Victorian Newspapers in the Scrapbook are categorised under the subjects of Family - Health - Education - Humour (Humor) - Poetry - Politics - History - Religion - Science - Nature - Temperance and Victorian Culture.

And Five Newspaper Articles writeen by Fanny Fern 1811-1872, an American newspaper columnist.

Mother's Last Words by Mary Sewell

Mother's Last Words by Mary SewellMother's Last Words by Mary Sewell, the mother of Anna Sewell (the author of `Black Beauty') was born into the Quaker faith in 1797, and lived at the Blue Lodge, Wick from 1858 to 1864. She had a great love of poetry and wrote `Mother's Last Words' (which sold millions of copies throughout the world) while living at Wick, near Bristol. George Burgess, himself a great lover of poetry spent his earlier years reading and writing down that which appealed to him, including `Mother's Last Word' which he copied word for word into an exercise book. The booklet reproduced here is a copy of that original booklet which George Burgess bought for his enjoyment.

Click the image above to read Mother's Last Words

Relevant link: Mary and Anna Sewell

And on Wikipedia
Anna Sewell (author of Black Beauty), and
Mary Sewell (mother of Anna Sewell and author of Mother's Last Words)

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
by Acton Bell, real name Annie Bronte (1820-1849) British novelist and poet, is another book favourite passed down through the generations: -

The Tenant of Wildfell HallThe Tenant of Wildfell Hall - Acton Bell (Annie Bronte)The Tenant of Wildfell Hall


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