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Early 20th Century History and Publications

Post Victorian Publications

This section will eventually provide a small collection of Publications and History post Victorian giving an insight into the life and times of people and society in the early part of the 20th century (as a continuation of Victorian Publications on Nathanville) adding social substance to family research (genealogy) collected from factual data in census records and other data sources.


Above is 'Bygone Years Challans 1910' Challans, France filmed with the locals in period costume and edited in post production in the style of an early 20th century silent movie, and below is a Local Parish Magazine for Downend, Bristol which includes a wealth of information for local life in 1905 including a local BMD.

Downend Parish Magazine, published August 1905 which includes a number of serialised 'stories' by Victorian Authors, Local BMD for Downend and the surrounding area in 1905, and period Adverts by local traders; see the Names Index for BMD, Authors of Articles, and Company names for Adverts (sorted by surname where possible).