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George Burgess (1829-1905)A Victorian Scrapbook

A Scrapbook of Victorian Newspapers compiled by George Burgess (1829-1905)

Diary and scrapbook by George BurgessThe scrapbook of George Burgess covering most of his working life from the late 1840's to the 1900's of Victorian era newspaper articles, informative and humorous (some undated and some dated). The articles are mostly from American newspapers between 1845 and 1857 while George Burgess was in America and British newspapers from 1857 to about 1901. For historical accuracy poor spelling and bad grammar (and American spellings) in the transcripts are faithfully reproduced. Also see the 'Downend Parish Magazine, August 1905' for further serialised Story's by Victorian authors. Also see the scanned images of some of the original newspaper articles; and newspaper articles by Fanny Fern 1811-1872, an American newspaper columnist.

Victorian Newspaper Articles:-
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Title Author/Source Category
Ada M Family
Advance Poetry
Advice Culture And Society
Advice To Wives The English Matron Family
Affair Of Importance Culture And Society
Affecting Incident Culture And Society
Affecting Scene Culture And Society
Affection In Man And Woman Humour
Alice's Husband Family
All Difficulties May Be Overcome Culture And Society
All Of A Size Humour
American Bachelor’s Soliloquy Family
American Declaration Of Independence Humour
Anecdote Of The Late Daniel Webster New York Times. Culture And Society
Another Discovery In Photography Science And Nature
Antiquity Of Ladies’ Hoops Religion
Automations Science And Nature
Title Author/Source Category
Baby Family
Backslider Humour
Bad Temper Lavater, The Famous Physiognomist Culture And Society
Be Careful Humour
Be Frank And Determined Culture And Society
Be Off With You Now Poetry
Be Systematic Culture And Society
Be True To Thy Trust By Wg Walsh Poetry
Beard Wearing Dr. Brown. Health And Education
Beautiful Conceit Religion
Beautiful Extract Culture And Society
Beer Was First Introduced Temperance
Being Literal As To Widows Humour
Belle Brittan Belle Brittan’s Visit To Newport September 4, 1858 Culture And Society
Ben Jonson Temperance
Best Ship To Have Command Of Humour
Bible Before Classics Religion
Birds Science And Nature
Blackcap’s Return To His Native Land Kidd’s Shilling Treatise On The Blackcap Science And Nature
Blood Tie Culture And Society
Body Avenged Culture And Society
Boiling A Tea-Kettle Humour
Bonnet Culture And Society
Book Of Job Religion
Border Farmer Humour
Botany Bay Cement Family
Bottomless Pit Mammoth Cave Of Kentucky Science And Nature
Boy Family
Boy Lost Waverly Magazine Family
Boy Love Family
Bride Humour
Brief History Of China Politics & History
British Aristocracy Politics & History
British Association At Southport 1880's Science And Nature
British Empire    
Brought Down A Deluge Religion
Burning Of The Indian Widow G. N. S. Politics & History
Title Author/Source Category
California Wife Politics & History
Captains Pudding Culture And Society
Case In Point (1863) From The Western Morning News Temperance
Census 1861 - Uk Population Tables Daily Telegraph. Politics & History
Census Records 1851 And 1861 Politics & History
Census Report Politics & History
Certainly A Predicament Culture And Society
Charitable Man Culture And Society
Charlie Humour
Childhood Family
Children Family
Christmas Items Culture And Society
Chronological Table Of Events In Ancient History  Politics & History
Circus Science And Nature
Climate Not The Cause Of Colour Science And Nature
Clothing And Cold Catching Life Illustrated Health And Education
Cobbett's Courtship Book Of Days Family
Collected Songs Of Charles Mackay With Illustrations By John Gilbert Culture And Society
Composition Commended Health And Education
Conceited Fellow Humour
Condemning Passages Religion
Confirmed Grumbler Humour
Consolation Poetry
Contented Mind Culture And Society
Contentment Carl Maine Culture And Society
Control The Passions Culture And Society
Conversation Science And Nature
Coquette Poetry
Cost Of Paint Temperance
Cost Of Royalty In 1856 Politics & History
County Rates C1859 Politics & History
Courting An Old Maid Family
Cultivate Domestic Peace Culture And Society
Title Author/Source Category
Dark Hours Culture And Society
Day-Dreams W.T.J. Poetry
Deacon At Church After Hard Work From “American Churches And Slavery,” By The Rev. J. Balme Humour
Deafness Health And Education
Death Poetry
Death Of The Queen  The Death Of Queen Victoria Politics & History
Deaths Of English Kings New York Paper Politics & History
Deity Of Infancy Culture And Society
Departed Moments Poetry
Depth Of Space Science And Nature
Dewdrops Of Wisdom Culture And Society
Disappointed Husband Family
Disconsolate House  Family
Discoveries Of The Age Science And Nature
Discretion Culture And Society
Distance Against Time Humour
Doctor Quill Health And Education
Doctors Disagree Health And Education
Dog That Had No Friends Culture And Society
Doing Up Considerable Sleep Culture And Society
Don’t Drink To Drive Away Care Temperance
Dont Fret Poetry
Don't Lie Culture And Society
Dr. Bellows On The Stage Culture And Society
Dreadful Case Culture And Society
Drinks All Round American Paper. Temperance
Dullness Of Great Men Politics & History
Dunup On Debt Health And Education
Dutch Witness Politics & History
Duty R. L. Poetry
Duty's Call Alline Atherton Poetry
Dying Sayings Religion
Title Author/Source Category
Early Marriages Family
Early Rising Lord Chatham Family
Earthquake In England - 6th October 1863 Science And Nature
Economical Housekeeping Family
Economy In A Family Family
Elements Of Grammar In Rhyme Health And Education
Elevation Of London Above The Sea Science And Nature
Embarrassing Demand Scraps From Punch Culture And Society
Endearments Of Home Family
Epitaph In A Welsh Church Yard Culture And Society
Errors About The Honey Bee Science And Nature
Esperance Poetry
European Churches Religion
Everton Toffee Health And Education
Exodus Of Frogs Pastoral Times. Science And Nature
Expense Of War P. Stebbing Politics & History
Experience Family
Explaining To The Children Health And Education
Extempore Preaching Religion
Extraordinary Man James Mcdonald, October 31st 1856. Culture And Society
Extraordinary Suicide Weekly Dispatch, Sunday, 16 March 1856, Page 12  Culture And Society
Title Author/Source Category
Facetious Idle Talk Humour
Fact And Fiction Fanny Fern. Culture And Society
Faithful Dog Culture And Society
False Step E. B. Browning. Poetry
Family Courtesies Culture And Society
Family Herald Dress; An Important Subject For Both Sexes Family
Farewell Culture And Society
Father Gavazzi On "The Holy Inquisition" Religion
Feed My Lambs N. Y. Observer. Religion
Female School Teacher Humour
Few Hints For “Femininity” Family
Fighting Upon His Own Hook Politics & History
First Baby Culture And Society
Food For Thought Fidelity And The Mother Family
For Ever J. O. Poetry
Forbearance Poetry
Forgiveness Of Injuries Culture And Society
Fragments Of Verses By Zeta Poetry
Franklin And The Barber Politics & History
Freaks Health And Education
Free Labour To The Editor Of Reynolds’s Newspaper Politics & History
French Doctor Humour
Friendship Poetry
Friendship Poetry
Friendship Self-Love In Disguise Culture And Society
Frightened Politics & History
Frugality Culture And Society
Fulfulment Of A Dream Manchester Examiner Culture And Society
Title Author/Source Category
Gambler Culture And Society
Gem Culture And Society
Gems Of Thought Culture And Society
Gentleman And No Gentleman Humour
Gentlemanly Conduct Family
Gentlemen's Hearts G. E. M Poetry
Geography Of The Moon Science And Nature
Getting Married Family
Girdle Of Suns By A Banker Science And Nature
Girls We Love The Best S. W. Hazeltd Poetry
Go Ahead Poetry
Go And Ask My Mother Poetry
God Is Love Rev. A Poetry
Golden Gleanings Culture And Society
Good Advice Poetry
Good Advice To Everybody Humour
Good And Ill Nature Culture And Society
Good Company Poetry
Good For Everybody Family
Good Gracious! Culture And Society
Good Hint Sam Slick. Culture And Society
Good Night James Clephan, The Editor Of The Gateshead Observer Poetry
Good Reason Temperance
Gospel Of Nature Religion
Great Evil Not Removed Culture And Society
Griggs Humour
Guide to the Workhouse - To Young Married Couples Punch, first published 1846 Family
Title Author/Source Category
Happy Woman Culture And Society
Happy's The Wooing That's Not A Long Doing Culture And Society
Hard-Shell Sermon Reported By One Who Heard It In Mississippi Religion
Harvest Work Without Strong Drink Cornwall And Devon Temperance Journal. Temperance
Hatter Humour
Have Animals Reasoning Power? Science And Nature
Have Faith Religion
He Is So Amiable Family
He Never Took It July 28, 1888 Health And Education
Head Science And Nature
Hearts Culture And Society
Hint To Mothers  Family
History Of Life Poetry
Hogg’s Tales Humour
Home Culture And Society
Home Comforts Family
Home Of Taste Family
Hope Culture And Society
Hope Poetry
Hope For The Best By Astley H Baldwin Poetry
Hope's Counsel Poetry
Household Management Family
Household Waste Culture And Society
How A Distillery Was Stopped Temperance
How It Happens Fanny Fern Culture And Society
How Men Should Treat Women Family
How To Eat Wisely Science And Nature
How To Get On Culture And Society
How To Hear The Gospel Religion
How To Know The Age Of A Horse Practical Farmer.  Science And Nature
How To Manage A Wife Letter To The Prince Of Wales Is By Artemus Ward, The American Showman Politics & History
How To Prevent Colds Health And Education
Human Body - Man's Double Head And Spine Or Three Brains Science And Nature
Human Body - Man's Lungs And Breath Health And Education
Human Food Maury Politics & History
Human Life Science And Nature
Hymn To The Flowers The Annexed Poem, By Horace Smith Poetry
Title Author/Source Category
I Am Waiting For Thee H. K. Poetry
I Guess You Can Come Lynn’s Reporter Culture And Society
I Know Thou Hast Gone Poetry
I Want To Go Home Family
I Wud Not Die I Would Not Die By A Western Poet Poetry
If I Die First Poetry
Ike Heard From Culture And Society
Imagination And Reality Wilson Science And Nature
Improve Your Moments Culture And Society
In A Bad Box Humour
In A Photographer’s Gallery Humour
In The Fall Of 1840 Culture And Society
Indian Elephant Science And Nature
Indignant Husband Humour
Individual Vs. Joint Action Culture And Society
Influence Of Marriage Family
Influence Of Temper On Health Health And Education
Inhabitants Of An Oyster Science And Nature
Intemperance Temperance
Interesting Statistics Science And Nature
Is It True? Religion
Title Author/Source Category
Jeannie Humour
Jeremiah The Prophet To Slave-Owning America October, 1861 Poetry
John Adams Politics & History
Johnnie Humour
Jonathan And His Bride Family
Josh Billings On Preaching Religion
Judgment Humour
Just A Step Beyond Poetry
Juvenile Voracity Culture And Society
Keen Rebuke Humour
Keep At Work By Benjamin Franklin Poetry
Kind Words! Poetry
Know Yourself Sydney Smith Culture And Society
Title Author/Source Category
Lady Humour
Lady Politics & History
Last Admonitions To A Lazy Boy Health And Education
Last Days From The Late Mrs. Jamieson’s “Common-Place Book.” Poetry
Last Hours Religion
Last Problem Poetry
Late Duke Of Wellington & Napoleon Politics & History
Law Of Kindness C. Swain Poetry
Lawyer Humour
Lawyer’s Daughter Family
Lay Of Leap Year Comic News. Poetry
Lecture In 1894 About Invisible Stars By Sir Robert S. Ball Science And Nature
Lecturer Humour
Leigh Hunt Culture And Society
Lesson In Itself Sublime S. T. B. Poetry
Let's Up And Be Doing Poetry
Life Gorge Manrique Poetry
Lightly Spoken Poetry
Lion's Roar Science And Nature
List Of Principal Events In Modern History Politics & History
Little Bird Whispered To Me A Poem To Mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee In 1887, And The Placement Of A Statue In Bristol To Mark The Occasion. Poetry
Little Johnny Humour
Little Pedlar Culture And Society
Little Things Culture And Society
Live For A Purpose Culture And Society
Live For Something Poetry
Logic Humour
Longevity Science And Nature
Longfellow And JG Mamby Science And Nature
Look Here, Jim Culture And Society
Looking On The Bright Side Humour
Lord's Prayer Hay’s Western Barbary. Religion
Losses From The “Atheneum.” Poetry
Lost Humour
Love Beyond The Grave By Adelaide A. Proctor Poetry
Love Song To My Wife Charley Lawton. Poetry
Love The Beautifier The Illustrated London News 28th May 1859  Culture And Society
Loveliness Culture And Society
Low Cut Dresses Family
Low Water Humour
Ludicrous Anecdote Fraser’s Magazine. Culture And Society
Title Author/Source Category
Maiden’s Wants Family
Majority On The Wrong Side Religion
Man And His Attributes Science And Nature
Man His Brother's Keeper Household Words Poetry
Managing Housewife Family
Man's Responsibilities Family
Marriage Of Luther Culture And Society
Marvels Of Man Science And Nature
Matrimonial Breeze Humour
Men And Women Fanny Fern Family
Men Are Like Bugles Humour
Men Who Mistook Their Calling Politics & History
Mental Excitement Health And Education
Method And Love Of Home Life Of The Rev. Robert Anderson. Family
Ministerial Hit Religion
Mission Of Life S. Mansfield Culture And Society
Model Baby Family
Model Letter Humour
Model Love Letter G. S. C. Poetry
Modern Meaning To Old Words Humour
Moral Beauty Family
Moral Influence Of Food Spectator. Health And Education
Mortality Of Men In The Liquor Trade - 1851 Census National Temperance Temperance
Moses Religion
Mother Family
Mr Coleridge Culture And Society
Mrs Lofty And I By Mrs. C. Gildersleeve Poetry
Music Of Labour Poetry
Musical Anecdotes By William Fiske Culture And Society
My Mother Don’t Religion
Title Author/Source Category
National Debt Politics & History
National Ideas Of Paradise Culture And Society
Near Home Culture And Society
Necessity Of Recreation Culture And Society
Neglect Family
Never Despair Poetry
New Classification Culture And Society
New Reason For Matrimony Humour
New Way To Detect A Thief American Paper Culture And Society
Nice Medium Humour
No More Aaron Smith Poetry
No Mother Family
Noxious Animals Religion
Title Author/Source Category
O! Let Us Be Happy Poetry
Occupation Culture And Society
Oh What If The Prospect Be Clouded American Patriotic Song Poetry
Old Lady Up Stairs Culture And Society
Old Maid Family
Old Man Family
Old Man's Dream Poetry
Old Man's Joys W. J. Poetry
Old Oak Trees Science And Nature
Old-Bachelor Geologist Humour
Omnibus Humour
On An Old Muff By Frederick Locker Poetry
One Of The Love Affairs That Are Funny, But Don't Pay Politics & History
One Way And The Other Family
One-Tenth Of A Second From Death Health And Education
Onward Press By Cornelia M Dowling Poetry
Original Good Woman Family
Ossified Man Health And Education
Outspoken Epitaph Horsleydown Church, Cumberland Culture And Society
Title Author/Source Category
Passage From Gough Glasgow Christian News Religion
Passion For Display Culture And Society
Paste This Up In Your Mind Temperance
Paul Denton - A Methodist Preacher Religion
Pauper’s Death Bed By Mrs. Southey Poetry
Pauper's Burial From The Cherry Valley Gazette Established 1818 Poetry
Pen Drops L. F. I. Culture And Society
Personal Devotion Scott Religion
Phrenologist Science And Nature
Physician's Hints To Mothers Health And Education
Pianoforte Science And Nature
Pointed Out Culture And Society
Politician Humour
Pollie Says Family
Poor Man’s Comfort Humour
Poor Man's Hymn C. D. S. Poetry
Popping The Question Under Difficulties Culture And Society
Population Of London Our Moral Wastes Politics & History
Population Of The World's Dead Politics & History
Position In Sleeping Science And Nature
Power Of A Wife L. G. Riggs Family
Power Of Influence J. N. Johnson Culture And Society
Power Of Memory The Philosophy Of A Future State Science And Nature
Praise God By B. J. Howe Poetry
Preacher At Sangamon District Culture And Society
Pride And Vanity Culture And Society
Prime Age Of The Human Mind Science And Nature
Privy Purse Of Queen Victoria Prior To 1861 Politics & History
Professor Porson Culture And Society
Progress Of Vice Culture And Society
Proverbs Culture And Society
Public Wants Humour
Punctuation Connecticut School Journal. Health And Education
Pungent Retort Temperance
Pure Air To Sleep In An Extract From `Conditions Of Health’ In `The Practical Magnetic Healer’ By Professor G. M. Brown, 1899. Health And Education
Purse-Pride Culture And Society
Question For The Jury Culture And Society
Quick In Her Application Religion
Title Author/Source Category
Races And Religions Politics & History
Railway Trains Science And Nature
Rather Seedy Looking Customer Humour
Receipt For Happiness Culture And Society
Recipe For Matrimonial Happiness Family
Reflections Of A Good Man Temperance
Regulations Health And Education
Relationship, Or Blood Culture And Society
Religion In Amusements Religion
Remarkable Works Of Human Labour Culture And Society
Resolve Culture And Society
Restoration Of Drowned Persons Health And Education
Rev. Dr Adam Clarke Culture And Society
Rev. E. Chapin Politics & History
Reveries Of A Maiden Lady Family
Reward Of Merit Culture And Society
Rich And Poor Poetry
Right Sort Of Religion Congregationalist. – Melbourne Weekly Age Religion
Rival Doctors Health And Education
Rule Without An Exception Culture And Society
Rules Of Health For Married Ladies Family
Ruling Passion Humour
Rustic Roland For An Oliver Religion
Title Author/Source Category
Sale Of Slaves At New Orleans Politics & History
Saving Every Rag - A Word To Domestic Servants November, 1846. Cornelius Nicholson Culture And Society
Scene In A Western Theatre Culture And Society
Scientific Discussion Family
Scraps Worth Saving Eclectic Review Culture And Society
Secret Is Like Silence Culture And Society
Secrets Of Comfort Culture And Society
Seeking Contributions Religion
Selby Temperance
Selfishness Culture And Society
Servant Girl Humour
Sex Of Eggs Science And Nature
She Died In Beauty By Charles Doyne Sillery (1807 - 1836), Scottish (Irish-Born) Poet And Writer Poetry
Short Sermon Owe No Man Anything Culture And Society
Showman's Courtship Family
Singular Instance Of Sagacity In A Hen Science And Nature
Singular Physiological Fact Health And Education
Singular Sermon (1750) Religion
Sinister Text Taunton Courier Religion
Sleep Science And Nature
Small Talk Culture And Society
Smith Drunk Vs Smith Sober Temperance
Sobriety Of The Greeks Politics & History
Some Deem It But A Little Thing By C. Mortimer Wiske - 1878 Poetry
Some Men Are Like Cats Humour
Soul Religion
Spider Science And Nature
Spreading Of A Report Humour
Stanzas M. D. Williams Poetry
Stars Science And Nature
Statistics Of Human Life Once A Week, Published Between 1859-1880 Politics & History
Statistics Of Muscular Power Science And Nature
Statistics Of The Bible Religion
Stick To The Light Poetry
Stockbroker Humour
Street Of By-And-Bye Poetry
Strength Of The Tiger Science And Nature
Stump Orator Humour
Substantial Dream Religion
Sun London Review Science And Nature
Sunday School Teacher Humour
Sweet Uses Of Adversity Poetry
Sympathizing Woman Culture And Society
Title Author/Source Category
Tact In Begging Culture And Society
Take Care Of Yourself Anon Culture And Society
Taking It Differently Humour
Theory Of Life - Professor Faraday Science And Nature
Things A Housekeeper Should Know Family
This World Would Be A Happy World John Parker Poetry
Three Duties Health And Education
Three Good Ships Alice Cary Poetry
Tipsy Customer Humour
To Young Men Culture And Society
Toy Wi Hearts Nae Langer Toy With Hearts No Longer  Poetry
Tragedy Of Indulgence Fanny Fern Culture And Society
Trial Of Conscience Religion
True Love Family
True Woman Charles Dickens Family
Truth And Idleness Humour
Turn Of Life Health And Education
Two Strings To A Bow Poetry
Type Of Humanity Religion
Title Author/Source Category
Uk Government Income & Expenditure In 1865 Politics & History
Unhappy Marriages Among Men Of Genius Lacon In Council Family
Unmistakeable Evidence Politics & History
Use Of Tears Earl O Poetry
Useful Hints Health And Education
Valid Reason Culture And Society
Vanity Of Dress Religion
Varieties Culture And Society
Varieties Humour
Vastness Of London Culture And Society
Veronica Politics & History
Victorian Lunatic Asylum Fanny Fern Health And Education
Village Maine Law In 1775 I Am, Dear Sir, Yours Truly.  Thomas Beggs. Politics & History
Village Near Bristol Temperance
Virtue Culture And Society
Virtue And Happiness Family
Title Author/Source Category
Waters And The Dry Land Science And Nature
Way To Get A Seat Humour
Wear A Smile Culture And Society
Webster Family Evening Star  Family
Well And Simply Said Humour
Welsh Sermon Religion
Weston-Super-Mare, 1852 Delta, Weston-Super-Mare 1852 Religion
What Fame Does Culture And Society
What Is That We Take From Earth By Charles Swain (1801-1874) Poetry
What Our Parlours Should Be Family
What The Steam Engine Does Science And Nature
Which Was Worse Culture And Society
Who Is My Neighbour Anon Poetry
Whom To Marry Family
Why Do I Love Thee R. D. Poetry
Why So Many Children Die Health And Education
Widower's Dream T.L. Poetry
Wife Family
Wife And Something To Boot Family
Wife, A Keeper At Home Family
Wise And The Foolish Culture And Society
Wish Of Many - The Possession Of Few W. P. F. Culture And Society
Women Family
Women Enjoying Themselves Culture And Society
Wonders Of Nature Science And Nature
Wonders Of The Microscope Science And Nature
Wonders Of The Universe Science And Nature
Word For The Ear Of Single Men Family
Word To Boys Family
Work And Thinks Poetry
Working Men's Exhibitions The North London Working Classes Industrial Exhibition (1864) Politics & History
World Contains Warm Hearts And True M. W. Poetry
Worldly Wealth Matthew Henry Family
Worst Wheel Makes The Most Noise Culture And Society
Wrongs Of Woman Culture And Society
Title Author/Source Category
Young Ladies Of Sydney Family
Young Lady Humour
Young Men Culture And Society
Categories in the Victorian Scrapbook covers the following topics:-
Family - Health - Education - Humour (Humor) - Poetry - Politics - History - Religion - Science - Nature - Temperance - Victorian Culture.