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The Stickler Roots
Pvlcrecerce - Brigstowe

(Pucklechurch - Bristol)

  • In 1832 Frederick OATEN (1813-1888) married Dinah BRADBEER (1811-1888). Dinah being the great-great-granddaughter of the infamous Sarah Bradbeare (1664-1719).
  • In 1858 their daughter Theresa Oaten (1836-1918) married Thomas Joint (1834-1911).
  • In 1901 their son William Thomas Joint (1864-1932) married Hannah Sophia Stickler (1871-1923).
  • In 1929 their daughter Kathleen Joint (1908-1983) married Ernest Thomas Richards (b.1907).

Thus bringing the Oaten, Bradbeer/Bradbeare, Joint and Richards families into the Stickler fold.

View The Infamous Sarah Bradbeare of Pitminster. Published on Nathanville with the kind permission of Tony Milward, “Bradbeer One-name Study" -
View The Oaten family (Frederick Oaten, Dinah Bradbeer and their family of 13 children) by Gordon Oaten.


The Joint Family Ancestors
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View Pucklechurch History
View The Stickler Family Origins
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View The Stickler Migration to Canada & America
View Thomas Arthur VC and the Stickler Family
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This is the story of the Pucklechurch Stickler’s from Thomas Stickler & Jane Mealing in the 18th Century to the Joint & Richard families, the Stickler families in America and Canada, Thomas Arthur VC, and the Australian branch joining the Bang family from Denmark, and their Australian descendants.

Co-written by John Richards, John Stickler and Arthur, with major contributions from Roger Joint, who provided a considerable amount of information on the Joint family. John Stickler (USA) for information on the Pucklechurch, American and Canadian Stickler’s, Bob Adams, for extensive information on all the major Stickler branches on both sides of the Atlantic, and on the Australian families; Pat Bang (Patricia Helen Stickler) and Grace Russ (Grace Enid Baglin) for their immense contribution to the Australian side of the family, stemming from Pucklechurch. Acknowledgments also to Roger Evans and to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the web, for detailed information on Thomas Arthur VC; and finally George Burgess (1829-1905) for his diary and other writings on the Burgess connection

The Pucklechurch History and the Stickler Migration to Canada and America are extracts of the second revision of the original Stickler Genealogy published in September 1994 by John Stickler covering the history of the English, Pucklechurch Stickler family.

Family genealogy is one of the most popular and fastest growing hobbies in America today. People everywhere are becoming increasingly interested in their family histories. New genealogy societies are springing up and the Internet now hosts several genealogy news groups bristling with activity. Behind this sudden surge of interest in genealogy lies a conviction that one's family history is special and worth preserving.

John Stickler

Stickler Family Photos

Many thanks to the following who provided many of the Stickler family photos: -

  • Dorothy Annie Jackson (Jackson family);
  • Amy Hilling Gray (Canadian Stickler's & early Charles & Eliza Stickler photo);
  • Margaret Edith Joan Stickler (Stickler's from Bristol, England area);
  • Mary Louise Stickler Savitt (Isaac Stickler branch that settled in Lansford, PA).

In addition to the photos, they also contributed important family history information on the early Stickler's.

click here for full credits.