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Poets Corner

A Selection of Family Poetry on Nathanville

Also see Victorian Poetry - A selection of poems from the scrapbook of George Burgess of Victorian Newspapers Articles

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Arthur 1974


High in the sky many light years away,
Lies a star, a bright super giant star.
I was looking at in one day in May,
Thinking the distance is very far.

This star, once every five and one half days,
Circles around a mysterious friend.
This companion does not emit rays,
Therefore to Earth, light it cannot send.

Utterly tiny at thirty miles,
This companion is called a black hole.
Its size is so small you can be all smiles,
At this remarkably condensed ball.

For a material body it’s not,
It possesses no ponderable face.
The gravity attraction is a lot,
Yet it’s a region of empty space.

Where the hole now stands was once a big star,
But alas the gravity was too strong,
The material was pulled in afar.
To stay in for ever, ever so long.

Now, the absolute event horizon
Acts as the boundary surface of the hole,
Parting inner and outer region,
Of the extraordinary ball.

The inner region in which the star fell,
Is a region where nothing can escape.
To be in one of those would be like hell,
As physical laws do not relate.

Although, from black holes nothing can escape,
Matter, light, and signals can all fall in.
For a vacuum cleaner it does relate,
Sweeping the Cosmos for matter to win.

The companion star to this black hole,
Due to gravity, it’s pear shaped.
Matter from this star, the black hole does draw,
Pulling the star inwards at a slow rate.



In the beginning there was energy,
This energy was found in a small ball.
At fast speed of growing it was ready,
To create the Universe for us all.
Once upon a time,
There was a big bang.

It grew in size at a very fast speed.
Losing temperature as it went along.
Energy to matter, what a good deed,
To make stars possible, that isn’t wrong.
Once upon a time,
There was a big bang.

Energy has no purpose in this Cosmos,
That is, our self-centred views discarded.
For how can any energy have any purpose,
When you see it’s neither alive or dead.
Once upon a time,
There was a big bang.

It has power, flow and direction in space,
Without energy there is no flow of time.
So in this Earth there would be no human race,
If long ago the Cosmos did not go bang.
Once upon a time,
There was a big bang.



That is, is so,
Energy, no more.
The creation of life,
Of the Universe.

The Cosmos, and all that is in it,
Energy has no purpose, no reasoning.
It’s what it is – energy,
It has no mind to mind us.

The order and disorder,
The laws of nature,
All coincidences,
Energy – the master of all.

If there were no life,
Time would not stop.
But without energy,
There would be no time,
Or no holes.



The past has gone, and will come no more,
Will come no more.
We will always be in the present,
But the present becomes the past.
The future which is always ahead,
Becomes the present, and then the past.
The past has gone, and will come no more,
Will come no more.



Winter, winter, snow cold and white,
Upon you the moon’s beam is bright.
You very rarely come at Christmas,
But when you come,
Clear the paths we must.

You find the sun too powerful,
But for you it’s never too cool.
When the sun appears, you hide,
And children wait twelve months, for a sledge ride.



O beautiful sun, O beautiful sun,
O why don’t you shine on that building.
When are out everything is more fun,
At least when you’re about it’s not raining.


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