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William George England (c1842-?)

Maternal Grandfather of Florence Eveline Jenner.

William, born during the early Victorian era was a builder and hotel owner. It has been said that he owned the 'New England Hotel' off York Road, Bristol.

William married Sarah Jane Bartlett (1842-1918); her father was George Bartlett. William and Sarah were Quakers by faith and had a large family of children including Arthur Edward England, Frederick England and Lillian Maud England. The family tree currently shows 13 which include names from census records and names as remembered by the granddaughter, Florence Jenner. The primary information currently on the family tree for this family is derived from details given Florence Jenner; which doesn’t quite tally with the census records mainly I suspect because Florence Jenner remembers her great aunts and uncles by their aka (also known as) names, which can often be their middle names e.g. I suspect that Henry (from the census) may be the same person as Harold (as remembered by Florence Jenner). Further research should tidy up this part of the family tree.

However, The parents of William George England where Thomas England (born 1805, Bristol) and Mary Taylor (born about 1816); Mary's father was Thomas Taylor. Thomas England was made a Burgess by virtue of his father Joel England on 29 July 1830. His father was listed as deceased at the time. His brothers were also made Burgesses. The parents of Thomas England (born 1805) were Joel England (c1765-1820) and Elizabeth Drew.

Further details can be found on the Family Tree.

Arthur Edward England (1885-1969)

Arthur Edward EnglandArthur (son of William George England) lived on a large Estate in Plymouth. He and his wife Emily had three children; two of them Evelyn and Phyllis (twins) became millionaires in their own right.

When Arthur was in his eighties he made a weekend visit to his niece, Florence Eveline Jenner (Eva Baglin) at 8 Seymour Road, Staple Hill, Bristol. The weekend visit turned into a week; two weeks; and finally permanent residency. While living with his niece he bought a bright blue 'swivel' easy chair. Eva didn't like it one bit - But it was his - and he had it in the living room for his personal use!

In 1969, he slipped on some ice and broke his ankle, and died in hospital a short time later.

Frederick C England (1876)

Edith Louisa Jenner and Norman Davis in their Salvation Army UniformFrederick (son of William George England) was an artist of little fame. Late in life he did several oil paintings, with the Salvation Army as the theme, using the smooth side of hardboard as canvas. It was all the more remarkable as he was almost blind at the time. One such painting was of his niece, Edith Louisa Jenner and her husband, Norman Davis in their Salvation Army uniforms.

Frederick and his wife, Isabella, had a son, Frederick England who owned a caravan Park at Woodland's lane, Almondsbury, Bristol.

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Caravans can be marriage savers

Lillian Maud England (1879-1958)

Mother of Florence Eveline Jenner.

Jenner and England family

Left to Right: Sarah Jane England (grandmother), Florence Eveline Jenner (daughter), Lillian Maud England (mother) with Russell Frederick Jenner (her son in her lap), Lillian Maud Jenner (daughter) standing in front of Frederick Thomas Jenner (father), and Russell England Lanham at the back (a cousin who was brought up by Lillian Maud England).

Quaker wedding certificate of Lillian England and Frederick JennerLillian (daughter of William George England) was born on the 6th March 1879, and married Frederick Thomas Jenner on the 1st January 1901. As she was from a Quaker family they married under the Quaker faith. One of the many guests to the wedding was Priscilla G Fry, part of the Fry family who owns the Fry's Chocolate factory in Bristol. After their wedding, because her husband was in the Salvation Army they both adopted and religiously followed this faith for the rest of their lives.

Lillian was the pillar of society. She was a local Liberal candidate and all her active adult life she was always working in the local community and for the community doing whatever she could to help the poor and needy, especially the children.

Lillian had eight children and brought them all up in her faith (The Salvation Army), she also took in waifs and strays (children in need) and brought them up as part of her own family. She was prim and proper, and was very particular on how her children were brought up; unfortunately, she suffered from a lot of illness and was frequently in and out of hospital. On these occasions her oldest daughter (Florence Jenner) would have to stay home from school; and when she was older, give up work to run the house and look after the other children.

The HavenWhen Lillian and Frederick were first married they lived in Stapleton Road, Bristol; later moving to Abertillary and Crumlin in Wales. After the 1st world war they moved back to Bristol, first living at 39 Ashley Road, then Thicket Avenue and then they moved to Ridgeway Avenue, Bristol. They then settled at 'The Haven', Middle Road, Staple Hill, Bristol, from where their children married. Lillian and Frederick retired to 10 West Park Road, Downend, Bristol, but later moved to 35 Hillside Drive, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, where in 1954 her husband died. After her husband's death she stayed with her daughter, Grace Jenner, at 2 Hampton Place, Brighton, Sussex for a while and then finally moved in with her oldest daughter, Eva Baglin (Florence Jenner) at 14 Sweets Road, Kingswood, Bristol, where she died on the 25th November 1958.

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