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The Famous ~ And not so Famous!

on Nathanville Genealogy

Every family has its black sheep, and also it has its own famous, and not so famous, if one delves deeply enough.

Nathanville has its own collection of the Famous and not so famous; many who from their personal achievements have left their mark in life and on the family; and some of whom are featured below, read and enjoy: -


ARTHUR - Thomas Arthur VC (1835-1902)

Thomas ArthurIt was in the summer of 1855 when a young 20 year old Thomas Arthur, Gunner and Driver in charge of ammunition and with his artillery battery at Sebastopol, an advanced position held by the British who were attacking the Russians in an attempt to capture the ‘Quarries’ when beyond the call of duty and under intensive fire from the enemy that he repeated crossed open ground to supply much needed ammunition to the infantry of the 7th Fusiliers.  Within two weeks he volunteered for and led a party to spike the guns at an advanced fortification held by the Russians at the heavily fortified Redan.  In addition to this, on many occasions he risked life and limb by leaving the trenches (and under heavy fire) to rescue wounded officers and men on the open battlefield.  For all these heroic actions he received the most prodigious award of the Victoria Cross.

Thomas Arthur, born of humble background in 1835 at Abbotsham, while on service in India changed his name to Thomas McArthur.

BAGLIN - Grace Enid Baglin (1933-2006)

Grace BaglinGrace was born to Florence Eveline Jenner and Edward William Burgess Baglin; Florence, her mother being the daughter of Lillian Maud England; and Edward, her father, being the grandson of George Burgess. She was born into a respectable family which for her was a 'square peg in a round hole' as she found life too prim and proper at home and therefore she married young as means of escape; and although it was destined to eventual failure, while it last it was a reasonably happy marriage!

Like her father Grace was a socialist and supported Labour until Labour became 'New Labour, then she switched to the Liberal party. Like her grandmother before her she suffered illness most of her life, but in her case it was due to diabetes; and in her forties, having separated from her husband survived, she had to survive on a meagre income from social support. Nevertheless, she had a 'happy-go-lucky' personality, always looking on the bright side of life; for most of the time. She had a great sense of humour, a vivid imagination and a flair for writing; which no doubt she inherited from George Burgess (her great-grandfather). Most important of all, she was a great inspiration for her children.

Transcripts of many of her letters and poems are published here on Nathanville.

BANG - Arthur Allan Bang (1922-2004)

Arthur Allan Bang Arthur Allan Bang, the son of Hans Bang and Clara Anna Bertha Andersen, married Patricia Helen Stickler (daughter of Donald Arthur Stickler and Olive Emily Black) in Brisbane, Australia in 1951.

Arthur is remembered by his family and the local community for his dedication to the local church. Arthur’s claim to fame is that for more than half a century he regularly rang the Bells at St. Andrews; these being the largest in the Southern Hemisphere until 1970 when Queen Elizabeth put a slightly larger bell into service in a Canberra church.

BRADBEARE - The Infamous Sarah Bradbeare of Pitminster (1664-1719)

Sarah is first recorded in the year 1686 in Pitminster, Somerset. The record is not an auspicious one being the entry in the accounts of the overseers of the poor: "Laid out for a guard upon Sarah BRADBEARE and for a horse to carry her to the justice. 3 shillings". The Quarter Sessions record has not been found, but it is known from the parish register of St. Mary and St. Andrew that her "baseborn" son William Bradbeare was baptised on 3rd April 1687 so it was obviously a "bastardly" hearing. The father is not known....

Click Here to read the full story

Published on Nathanville with the kind permission of Tony Milward, “Bradbeer One-name Study" -

Many thanks to Stephen Fawcett (one of Sarah's descendants) for the transcription and translation of the Pitminster Overseers of the Poor and Churchwardens accounts.

First published in the Bradbeer Newsletter No. 1O, Autumn 2001.
Also published in the Somerset & Dorset Family History Society Vol.27 No.3

BURGESS - George Burgess (1829-1905)
George BurgessGeorge Burgess born of a humble background in 1829, Staple Hill, Bristol traveled to America three times before settling down to practiced Phrenology in the Arcades, Bristol from 1861 to 1901. He went to America with his brother-in-law (when he was still a teenager) to finish his apprenticing as a Stone Mason and came back to England as a Phrenologist. He published at least two books on the subject of Phrenology early in his career. Later in life he wrote his own poems and near his retirement started to write his diary which included his immediate family tree back to his grandfather. He kept a scrapbook of newspaper articles covering most of his working life from the 1850's to 1900's. His scrapbook gives insight into his life as a person, as he selected (as anyone would) articles to which he could relate. Articles reflecting his views and topics of interest including Family, Health and Education, Humour, Poetry, Politics and History, Religion, Science and Nature, Temperance (Drink) and Victoria Culture.
ENGLAND - Lillian Maud England (1879-1958)

Lillian JennerRose MaggsLillian from a prominent family of wealth and married into a prominent family was the daughter of William George England. She was born on the 6th March 1879, and married Frederick Thomas Jenner on the 1st January 1901. Lillian was from a Quaker family and therefore married under the Quaker faith. One of the many guests to the wedding was Priscilla G Fry, part of the Fry family who owns the Fry's Chocolate factory in Bristol. After their wedding, because her husband was in the Salvation Army they both adopted and religiously followed this faith for the rest of their lives.

Lillian was the pillar of society, a local Liberal candidate, and maybe a supporter of the suffragette movement. She worked in the local community doing all she could to help the poor and needy, especially the children. Lillian was the mother of eight children, all whom she brought up in her faith, the Salvation Army; and she took in waifs and strays (children in need) to bring them up as part of her own family. However, she suffered badly from frequent illness and was always in and out of hospital. On such occasions when she was ill and in hospital her oldest daughter (Florence Eveline Jenner) would have to stay home from school, and when older give up work, to run the house and look after her siblings and other children that Lillian had taken in under her wing; Rose Maggs (pictured right) being one of them.

HOWARD - George Bagnall Howard (1899-1918)

George Bagnall Howard served as a Private in Prince of Wales Own Regiment, 16th Battalion; later to become known as the West Yorkshire Regiment. Along with millions of other brave men during the great war of 1914-1918 George Howard did his bit for King and Country but tragically, on 11 October 1918 was killed in action.

George Howard, my second cousin once removed, is buried in the Wellington Cemetery, at Rieux-en-Cambresis in France. This addition to the 'Not so Famous' section on Nathanville is to remember and commemorate George Howard and the many millions of unfortunates who died in action in this dreadful war.


JENNER - Florence Eveline Jenner (1901-1994)

Florence Jenner Eva (Florence Eveline Jenner) was the oldest daughter of Lillian Maud England and Frederick Thomas Jenner. Born into a family of some wealth, she had an ordinary childhood and an ordinary life. However, being the oldest of eight she was destined to care for others from childhood, especially as her mother was often ill and in and out of hospital. When grown up and married she ended-up looking after both mother and mother-in-law when they were old, and her uncle (Arthur Edward England) who visited for a weekend and ended up staying until he died.

She also dedicated her life to the Salvation Army (Staple Hill, Bristol, Corp) and over the years wrote her own sermons for the Home League. She was the Songster Leader; in charge of the Salvation Army catering; became actively involved in the forget-me-not club and dedicated her time working within the community and for the community as a Salvationist which included visiting the old and the sick in local hospitals. For recognition of these works to the Salvation Army and for the local community she was awarded the honour of becoming 'Lady of the Year' on a number of occasions.

SOUTHGATE - Sidney Southgate (1878-1917)

Sidney, who was born in 1878 in Chelmsford, England and in 1906 married Emma Caroline Ketley, was another tragic casualty of war. He originally enlisted in the Middlesex regiment but transferred to the 24th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers in 1916 as a Private but tragically within about a year, on the 4th September 1917 he died of his wounds.  The news of his death was reported shortly afterwards in the Essex County Chronicle on the 14th September 1917, which read:-

"Pt. S. Southgate, son of Mrs. J. Southgate, 52 Rainsford Road, and the late Mr. J Southgate, fruiterer and florist, Chelmsford, died on Sept. 4, from wounds received in action. He joined the Royal Fusiliers on the 19th June, 1916, and leaves a widow and two children, who reside at Dullingham, Newmarket. He was 39. Sidney is commemorated on the Civic Centre Memorial, Chelmsford and the Dullingham War Memorial in Suffolk. He was entitled to the British War Medal and Victory Medal."

For his actions, and devoted service to King and Country he was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal and in remembrance his name appears on the Civic Centre Memorial at Chelmsford and the Dullingham War Memorial in Suffolk. After his death, his wife Emma emigrated to Canada where she remarried; her passage and those of her children being paid for by her prospective husband.

Sidney Southgate is my third cousin twice removed.



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