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Relevant Genealogy Web Links

Relevant GENEALOGY LINKS (including RSS feeds)

Free Personal Genealogy websites
Free Genealogy web resources
Victorian Culture and Society - A suite of lenses (web pages) each covering a different aspect of Victorian Life
Nathanville's Genealogy - Links of other relevant genealogy and web pages by Nathanville.

A Victorian Scrapbook - Over 500 Victorian newspaper articles
- Useful links on Phrenology as practiced during the Victorian Era.

Genealogy (Free Websites)
Website Description
Photo Scanning, Video Transfers, Family History Search and other genealogy services. It's not a free service but it does offer a personal service at reasonable rates, which some may find invaluable for compiling a comprehensive media reach family history as part of their genealogy research.

An excellent service by, online use of an easy to use and effective free family tree creator; which for anyone new to family research is an excellent place to start.

Full and Free access to what is undoubtedly the largest family tree in the world; the Mormons project which has been in existence long before computers. I have used their records many times over the years when doing family research, and with a direct link from RootsMagic a database I now frequently use. It works very much like the Ancestry website but without any subscriptions to pay.
Free cooperative site with easy wiki software for adding relatives' pages in any desired format and linking to all relevant pages.
Useful tips and information on Genealogy and good advice on how-to do your family history research.
Excellent genealogy research and forum tool.
FreeBMD is an ongoing project, the aim of which is to transcribe the Civil Registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales, and to provide free Internet access to the transcribed records. It is a part of the FreeUKGEN family.
Bristol and Avon Family History Society - information for genealogists and local historians including South Gloucestershire Burial Index, parish records, monumental inscriptions, burgesses and much more
The DftCom2 compiler is a MS Windows program which converts a single Gedcom file to the set of files required to implement a Dynamic Family Tree.
Database of baptism, marriage and burial records extracted from six Gloucestershire parishes around Berkeley and Thornbury.
Digital collection of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth-century local and trade directories from England and Wales.
Victorian Literature, history and culture.
Passengers, Ships and shipwrecks - Free databases on The Ships List, where you can find passenger lists, fleet lists, pictures, ship pictures, shipping schedules, ship descriptions, wreck data, and other information not found elsewhere.

A fully searchable edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court.

Parish Records, War Memorials and more.
UK and Ireland Genealogy - A Guide to Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History.
Excellent genealogy research and forum tool.
A free website providing links to useful resources for genealogy research online including links to 1000s of free web resources.
A comprehensive Indexed History of Bristol.
Blank Family Tree Templates in PDF format that can be printed-out and used to create your own personal family tree.
Comprehensive and free Surname Index to look up your family name on the family peerage of British and European Royal Families.
The world’s largest free genealogy search engine; fast and comprehensive.
'Days-Gone-By' photos of History, Places and People. A Growing collection of historic photos (from glass plate images) including images of Places and People.
Western Wear - Period Costumes 1840s - 1870s. Re-enactment Costumes for men and women.
Vintage and Antique Cameras Through The Ages
Personal Family Trees and Family History websites (Full and Free Open Access)
Website Relevant Names (included) Description
Evans, Stickler, Judd etc. Links to the Stickler family on Nathanville
Brock, Oaten etc. Links to the Oaten family on Nathanville
Ferdinand and Ferdinando One Name website
Sheppard, Cordy, Milsom, Batten, Stickler, Oaten etc. Links with the Stickler and Oaten families on Nathanville
Templer One Name website. The Templer Family from Somerset, Devon & Dorset.
Hodgins and many more families 1000s of names, 100s of surnames.
Attfield and many more families 1000s of names, 100s of surnames.
Parkhouse, Bass, Oak, Crosse etc. 1000s of names, 100s of surnames.
Tilbury, Chapman, Jennings, Fuller, Taylor etc. 1000s of names, 100s of surnames.
Baglin and many more families Links to the Baglin family on Nathanville; the site also has many other 'Inter-related Families from England, UK.
Bingham One Name website
Gevaux One Name website, The Gevaux family roots
Hanks One Name website
Tilbury, Bone etc. Links with the Nathanville family tree.
Baglin and many more families links with the Uley families of Baglin, Dauncey and Pegler on Nathanville
Impett The Impett's and related families
Oaten, Nicholson, Darby Stickler etc.
Family History by Tim Hill


Victorian Culture and Society Links
Website Description
Phrenology - A Victorian Science!