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The Jenner and England Family

As well as this Pedigree family tree there's a wealth of 'Family History' and photos on this genealogy website; particularly for the more prominent family branches including Baglin (Gloucestershire), Baines (Essex), Browne (Ireland), Burgess (Bristol), England (Sussex and Kent), Jenner (Bristol), Oaten (Taunton, Somerset), Russ (Somerset and Bristol), and Stickler (Pucklechurch, Bristol).

There's also a wealth of information on the Victorian era, thanks to my great-great grandfather (George Burgess, 1829-1905) who was a prolific writer and kept an extensive scrapbook of 19th century articles from British and American newspapers. He was also a practicing phrenologist in the shopping arcades in Bristol for forty years, from 1861 to 1901, and his works and other relevant documentation on phrenology is included on this site.

With almost 3,000 surnames and over 17,000 individuals recorded on this pedigree chart there may be other information relevant to your family held elsewhere on this site. To check whether we have any family history, photos or other information that may be relevant to your family research you can search this site using our 'site-search' facility and/or browse the various sections of this website using the site-wise links below.