Family Tree #2 - Browne/Baines Branch



Welcome to the Browne/Baines Branch of the Nathanville Pedigree Family Tree (Family Tree #2). This section of our family tree with side shoots and twigs is my side of the family line and as well as thousands of other surnames includes significant numbers of Aldous, Allinson, Bracegirdle, Butcher, Clymo, Cornish, Ewbank, Fisher, Fiske, Greenling, Greenwood, Henwood, Howard, Hurren, Kettle, Mutter, Prestney, Relton, Vavasour, Vercoe and Watkinson. Use the Name Index in the side menu bar to explore the full list. This is one half of our interactive and dynamic graphical family tree (pedigree chart). Family Tree#1 is my husband's side of family tree and the Nathanville Pedigree Family Tree Index the full combined and interactive index (complete with full details of relationships, dates and events) for both trees.



The genealogy research on this site is ‘work in progress’, and therefore subject to change as new data is discovered and records are modified to correct errors and omissions; and to add missing information.  We do a lot of the research ourselves and collaborate with other fellow researchers; many of whom are kind enough to make their contribution to this site. Unlike many private genealogy websites we aim to provide a full and free access for all; the only information which is kept private is personal information for individuals on this family tree who may still be alive.



A detailed checklist on how to best use this site, and get the most from it, is given on our 'Site Search' page which provides a checklist of advice and tips on how to best use other parts of this genealogy website for researching your family history; including family photos, learning more about the Victorian era through snippets from Victorian newspapers saved by my great-great grandfather in his scrapbook, and external links to other free genealogy resources. Use the SiteWise link in the side menu bar above for access to these and other useful family history and genealogy research pages.

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